New video and great article by Rick Nelson in the Minneapolis Star Tribune

Zoe and I were interviewed last month by Rick Nelson, food writer at the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and the article came out on December 6, 2007. Rick was more than kind to us: “…If holiday gift-givers are aiming to buy one new cookbook title for the bakers in their lives, they should look no further than the remarkable Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day… Hertzberg and Francois should have called their burst of genius Breadmaking for Dummies — that’s how user-friendly it is… their master recipe is wildly flexible, generously adapting to a wide range of breads, pizzas, flatbreads and pastries.” Read the entire review.

We’re just as excited about Jenni Pinkley’s fantastic video that she shot for the paper’s website. Astute and attentive viewers will note Zoe’s incisive comment as the video closes. Click here to see the video. Speaking of video, I think Martha Stewart was talking about us when she interviewed legendary cookbook editor Judith Jones on The Martha Stewart Show that aired last week. Martha asked Judith (who edited Julia Child and James Beard) “what do you think of this wet bread that you hardly let rise, you hardly do anything to it, you just sort of put it in the oven?” Judith wasn’t buying; she told Martha that “kneading is the fun of making bread.” Martha asked her “I know, but what if you don’t have to?”

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. See the video (click on the “video” tab once you get there; Martha brings up bread at 2:15 into the video).

6 thoughts to “New video and great article by Rick Nelson in the Minneapolis Star Tribune”

  1. i have been told i have an allergy to wheat. i can have
    white spelt flour. any idea what
    the substitution ratio would be?

  2. Dear Zoe and Jeff,
    Your cookbook has made this Christmas extra special for me and my family. I saw your recipe in the NY Times and couldn’t wait to test out the
    ‘no-knead’ process of making bread…it was fantastic! I purchased 2 books for my mom and I, had the entire family to dinner yesterday and just ordered 3 more copies as Christmas gifts for the family members that RAVED about the Boule recipe. Thank you so much for your collaboration on this book. It is bound to bring endless joy to all the foodies out there…Happy Holidays!

  3. Thanks Linda. Comments like yours have been the best part of doing this book for us. We’re so glad you’re enjoying it.


  4. To Linda’s question about spelt flour:
    Neither Zoe nor I have used spelt flour. According to Rose Levy Beranbaum’s “The Bread Bible,” it can be substituted for whole wheat flour in breads where “only a small percentage is used in proportion to high-protein white wheat flour.” So it would work in our Light Whole Wheat on page 74, but that wouldn’t help you since you’d still be getting all that regular wheat flour. Rose is pretty emphatic that spelt won’t work as the only flour in a bread. Also, be sure this is OK with your doctor… I thought spelt was closely related to wheat.

  5. I put up two doughs yesterday in 6 quart plastic tubs I bought at Target. I made your basic white and one caraway rye. I made a boule last night and one again tonight. They are wonderful. Crackling crusts, fabulous crumb, nice flavor which will only get better as the dough ferments further. Will try the other dough, the caraway rye, after it sours for a few more days. I’ve been baking bread since 1968 and could NEVER depend on an oven rise. I got huge oven rises on both of your breads. Thanks for the book. Love it.

  6. I bought your book today and read it cover to cover. Fabulous! I’m off to Target to buy a 6 qt tub so I can get started right away!

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