Artisan Bread in Chicago

chicago-bread.jpg(Here’s another great Mark Luinenburg photo that didn’t make it into the book). Zoe and I had a fantastic four days promoting Artisan Bread in Five Minutes A Day in Chicago, where we ate great food and took part in three fantastic events. We did an interview and demo with on-air personality Micah Materre on WGN-TV’s LunchBreak program, which aired in Chicago and all the cities that this Superstation broadcasts to; click here to see the video. We also met with WABC-TV’s food reporter, Steve Dolinsky, who’s already posted the podcast– you can listen by clicking right here (it may take a few minutes to download). We also did a dinner event at fabulous Powerhouse Restaurant, where Chef John Peters served up a fantastic menu for the ChicaGourmets club (pictures to follow). We’d hoped to teach a class at the Chicago Tribune’s Printer’s Row Book Fair event, but thunderstorms closed down the proceedings.

A highlight for me was cooking in Chef Peters’s kitchen. I felt a bit of an imposter, an amateur rattling around the pastry station with Zoe (who was very patient). We prepped all the bread for the ChicaGourmets event, and the speed and adrenaline of the kitchen became quite electric– it was a new experience for me, but old hat for Zoe. Everything turned out well, and Chef Peters honored us by requisitioning a baguette we’d made, using it for a tartine for the restaurant patrons who happened to be there that night as well.

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6 thoughts on “Artisan Bread in Chicago

  1. Thanks Andrea! Feel free to post into any of the “Comments” fields whenever you have a question about the method. We’re usually quick to answer– this has been a really fun, and unexpected way to connect with people who’ve gotten our book.


  2. Oooh, too bad you missed John Williams on WGN — I think he does the afternoon drive time. He was at WCCO until 1996. Good man! Reasonable. 🙂

  3. Hi again Bubbles: We were on over the noon hour, and we really enjoyed working with Micah Materre.

    Hope we see you at the State Fair this year (August 21st and 22nd, 5 PM)! Jeff

  4. Quiltbugj: Beautiful loaf at the link, thanks for sending it. I think I agree with you; it’s bigger than 1-pound so I think it might have benefitted from a little more baking time at 450 F. We’re going for a deep brown coloring. Jeff

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