Kaiser Roll answers…

Well, we had over 90 responses, and they fell into four categories:

1.  Buy yourself a “Kaiser Stamp,” which imprints the tops of round rolls with the Kaiser pattern.

2.  “Klopping,” the traditional method of folding and pressing (“klopping” refers to the karate-chop like action to make the seal).  Very difficult to achieve with our wet dough; I still haven’t managed a credible one.

3.  Grouping small balls of dough together.  Not really a Kaiser effect, but a great result.

4.  Knotting a rope of dough.  Really more of a “garlic knot” idea (see https://artisanbreadinfive.com/?p=202)

3 thoughts to “Kaiser Roll answers…”

  1. Easy way to form a kaiser Roll: Roll into four inch circle. Take edge and fold to center. Press down with fingertip at center. Fold each corner to center and repeat pressing with fingertip. Do this until you have six segments all pressed down in center with finger tip. What you have is a rounded six-pointed pinwheel. Turn upside down on top of your favorite coating (poppy seeds, etc.) and let rise. Flip over onto parchment lined baking sheet and bake as directed.

  2. I am going to make bread with a group of woman next week. The oven we are using has a Bread Proof function. Should we try using this?

    1. Hi Leslie,

      If you use the oven proofing feature it may speed up the resting time of the bread so be careful not to go too far. They tend to be warmer and more humid than your kitchen.

      Have fun! Zoë

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