Authors on KCPQ-TV Seattle (Fox) Monday Morning

Hey, Seattle friends, check us out on KCPQ-TV (Fox) on Monday morning (November 2, 2009).  We’ll be appearing with anchor Mark Wright in a last-minute TV segment.  Gets more and more interesting every day of this tour.

Then on to FoodPortunity and the UW bookstore for events Monday night, hope to see people there.  Portland November 3, and then San Francisco November 4-November 7

6 thoughts to “Authors on KCPQ-TV Seattle (Fox) Monday Morning”

  1. I’d love to visit you in Portland but I have to work the next day and I wouldn’t get home in time. I got my pre-ordered book right on time and almost immediately found out it wasn’t waterproof 🙁 LOL 🙂 I love how responsive you both are to your fans online and in print. I had to laugh because the first part is like a bakers version of the legal disclaimers in a parachute rental place 🙂 It’s great that you listen to us! Apparantly you have 100s of people telling you it’s too salty and 100s telling you it’s not salty enough!

    I thought about the fact of your urban midwesternness (why you like so much salt) and lack of access to duck eggs and realized you probably use eggs from the grocery store. This is a shame! Eggs with yellow yolks have very little flavor compared with free range chicken eggs. Even lots of small farm eggs have yellowish yolks. An egg yolk that’s orange has mch more flavor. See this photo:

    The egg on the upper left is a more traditional egg, the egg lower and right of it has the deep orange yolk that heralds good flavor. When I tried one I felt like I was eating eggs for the first time. These are not the omega 3 enriched eggs,which taste terrible. You can see I’m no Zoe – most of the yolks are broken! I hope you get to try these eggs and thanks for both your books!

    1. Hi Bob,

      Sorry we will miss you in Portland! I couldn’t agree more about the eggs and how tasty those orange yolks are compared to the yellow ones. I always get fresh eggs from a farm near my in-laws’ house in VT and they make me swoon. You have convinced me to find a source for them in MN!

      We do listen and learn from all those that are willing to share their ideas with us! 🙂

      Thanks, Zoë

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