Photographs: Can I post pictures to this website?

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Well, no, not here on this website.  But you can post pictures to Flickr by joining the Flickr group and upload pictures there.  Then you can post the link to your picture in any of the “Comments” fields here on the site.

Look forward to seeing your shots!

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6 thoughts to “Photographs: Can I post pictures to this website?”

  1. We are on the belly buster diet and they do not use white bread, only whole wheat with lots of fiber. Because I don’t have a listing like I would on a loaf of bread I buy, how can I know how much fiber, and carbs are in one slice for your whole wheat bread?

    1. Sharon: Check out our FAQs page (above) and go to the “Nutrition” question, there’s a calculator for all the ingredients on any list you input. Jeff

  2. Ok have the Artisan Breads in 5 Minutes and am looking into purchasing the healthy version but was wondering if there are photos of the breads after they’e been baked. I’m a very visual person and noticed that there weren’t many photos in the first book. I would also love an after photo to help me gage if my bread came out right. Thank you for coming up with the healthier version of your awesome baking idea.

    1. Hi Rachel,

      There are more color photos in the Healthy Bread book, but not all of the breads have one. The pizza and flatbread book has even more, which will be out in Oct.

      Thanks and we hope you enjoy all the breads. Zoë

  3. For the pastry cream for sunny side up pastry do you still strain it even if your not using whole vanilla from a bean? Thanks

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