#PizzaPartyin5 – Great Way to Get the Kids in the Kitchen!

The big day is here and we’re expecting a World Wide Riot of Pizzas for our #PizzaPartyin5! We will be compiling a list of all the food bloggers’ pizza posts below, so come back through the week to see what people are baking.

My kids did the rolling, tossing, topping and baking, with just a little help from dad. The greatest result of writing this pizza book has been watching my sons take over the kitchen. Put out a bunch of toppings, some balls of dough and watch them create. My oldest son has even made pizzas, start to finish, for his friends. It is a gift to teach kids to cook and pizza is the perfect place to begin, especially for pre-teen boys who resist being in the kitchen.

It is not to late to join the #PizzaPartyin5. Just make a pizza, take a picture and post it on Twitter or FB. Use the hashtag #PizzaPartyin5 and let us know where you have put the picture. You can find us on Twitter and FB at @ArtisanBreadin5 and @zoebakes. If you have done a post about your pizza we will RT it and add the link to the bottom of this page.

For your party, just create balls of dough from your favorite Artisan Pizza and Flatbread in Five Minutes a Day recipe. Make enough for each guest to make their own, or two.


Have all the toppings ready to go. Get creative!

Dimple the dough, so it is easier to roll out.

Use a rolling pin to help get the dough nice and thin.

Use the back of your hands to gently stretch the dough as thin as you like.

Then toss it in the air, because it is FUN and it helps get a nice, round, thin disk of dough. Try it, even my 10 year old was tossing like a pro!

We had a bit of an assembly line going. Charlie tossed the dough and placed it on a floured Pizza Peel, Henri topped it and

then everyone switched positions to make more.

Dad slipped the pies in the oven. We had two Pizza Stones in each oven, so the pizzas could all bake at the same time.

Then we feasted on their pizzas.

Pizza Equipment Basics (aka Stuff to put on your Christmas list!):

Artisan Pizza and Flatbread in Five Minutes a Day – (of course!)

Round Food-Storage Container with Lid – (Any 5-quart lidded container will do, but these are our favorites)

Danish Dough Whisk – (Less resistant than a spoon, and way cooler looking)

Pizza Peel (Wood, Aluminum and even a sideless cookie sheet will get the job done)

Bench Scraper – (great tool if your dough is sticking to the peel and for cleaning hot pizza stones)

Pizza Stone – for a really crisp crust (see our post on all the different types we’ve tried)

Pizza Wheel (Kitchen Shears also work well)

Oven Thermometer (ovens are rarely properly calibrated, so it is crucial to have one of these to know the true temp.)

World Wide #PizzaPartyin5 Posts:

(video by White On Rice Couple)

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18 thoughts on “#PizzaPartyin5 – Great Way to Get the Kids in the Kitchen!

  1. Looks like a fun time! We had our own small pizza party last night using the Master Dough recipe which made a fabulous crust. I usually don’t like dough without whole wheat in it but this really shone. We made a simple mozzarella and tomato pizza and your pear, prosciutto and blue cheese one. Will post later this week on the blog but for now photo here: http://twitpic.com/7ejhji

  2. We will be having a pizza party at my house tonight. 🙂 I love all your books (just got the 3rd a couple of days ago). I’ve had so much fun and good eats with your books over the last couple of years. Thanks!

    Now a question:
    I just made a batch of your brioche dough with flax seeds as an egg substitute. If you make the dough without eggs, can you keep it in the refrigerator longer than 5 days? I’m assuming the 5 day rule on this dough is because it has eggs in it?

    1. Darlene: didn’t think of this, but of course you can, usual max is 14 days. But you may find over-denseness beyond some point, depending on how much whole grain’s in the mix. Let us know what you find. Jeff

    2. Hi Darlene,

      That is a fantastic question. I have never stored the eggless dough for more than 5 days. It may get a bit denser, but it would be worth a try. And, you’ll be baking it as a flat disk, so it may not matter. Please let me know what you find out.

      Thanks, Zoë

  3. I think I’m going to be giving this book to a lot of people for Christmas! I’m completely in love with the dough and all the topping ideas!

  4. Thanks for answering the question I never got around to asking: I CAN put two pizza stones in the oven at the same time! Guess I’ll have to buy another stone . . .

  5. Way off topic question…
    I am DYING to make the Pumpkin Pie Brioche from HBIN5 for Thanksgiving dinner. What “form factor” would be best suited to this dough for dinner. I am assuming rolls, but its there some other neat shape that would work well?

  6. Hello Jeff and Zoe,
    Made the Sweet Brioche from Artisan Pizza and Flatbreads in 5. I’m preparing to make Gelettes but my dough didn’t rise very much, it appears to me not at all on th initial rise. I know this will be a flat bread anyway,but is my dough behaving as it should? I made the Pumpkin brioche from the 2nd book and the initial rise was very noticeable? So again I ask is the Sweet brioche behaving properly. Also I did only use two large eggs since I halved the recipe

      1. Just, so I understand, do you mean overbaked/dry,or just baked for the specified time? Thanks in advance, and for your help with the Sweet Brioche dough.

      2. Nia: Just make sure it isn’t gummy in the center, let it get really brown and don’t make a giant one.

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