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This has been such an exciting couple of months. Jeff and I have loved traveling around the country to introduce people to our latest book. We thank all of you who have stopped by our events to meet us. Now we are home with our families for the holidays, and will hit the road again in January to flip more pies and hopefully meet more of you. Please check our Events page to see where we will be next.

It was so much fun to talk to journalist Stephanie Stiavetti from the Huffington Post Food Blog about the journey of writing Artisan Pizza and Flatbread in Five Minutes a Day. Here is a link to our interview. 

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2 thoughts on “Pizza Book on Huffington Post

  1. Hi,

    Last night, I made the beet pizza in Artisan Pizza. It was great, but I could only fit about 1/4 of a medium sized beet on it. I lay the beet rounds next to one another as tightly as possible. When you make it, do you overlap the beets? I wasn’t sure if I could do that because I worried that the beets wouldn’t cook through that way, but I know that I could have fit many more beet slices on the pizza if I have allowed for overlap.


    P.S. I’m having a great time with this book and particularly love the semolina dough.

    1. Ingrid: All depends on beet size– we used small, not mediums. Per the color photo in the first insert, we do overlap them, but keep in mind that we slice very, very thin, so they bake through. The mandoline is best for this. Paper thin.

      If you can’t achieve that, and the beets are too firm for your taste, just use less and don’t overlap– that should help. Jeff

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