My Co-Author the Celebrity!

(photos by Hubert Bonnet) Just this week Zoe appeared in Lavender Magazine here in the Twin Cities– in a terrific article on Minneapolis-St. Paul’s rising young pastry chefs.  Above, she’s showing off her signature desserts, created for Tilia in Minneapolis, now one of the hottest tables in town.  Zoe was showcased as “best-selling author, blogger, [and] rising celebrity chef…” (click to view the full article).

4 thoughts to “My Co-Author the Celebrity!”

  1. Zoe,
    Congrats on the great write-up and well-deserved recognition. I loved meeting you and Jeff at Les Gourmettes in Phoenix. It was a joy to attend your pizza and flat bread class. Thank you for the unforgettable memory. Can’t wait for book #4!

    1. Hi Rony,

      So great to have met you! Thank you so much for coming to the class, it was such a lovely group.

      Cheers and happy baking! Zoë

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