Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day is Released in Taiwan!

chinese translation of healthy bread in five

Thanks to our friends at iG publishing in Taiwan (Republic of China-ROC), Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day has appeared in Asia in Chinese translation (bakers in Taiwan, click here to buy at Eslite, or at Kingstone).  This translation, the first ever for “Healthy Bread,” joins our existing overseas versions of the first book (Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day), one in Great Britain, and our first Chinese translation for mainland China.

And another Asian version is on the way– next year, a Japanese translation of “Artisan Bread” will be published in Tokyo by Rakkousha.  We are told that Asia is the fastest-growing bread market in the world…

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    1. Shirley– just remember, we support all our books, all editions here at the website, so come back if you have questions.

  1. Hi Jeff and Zoë,
    never said thank you to you guys, but I love your books. Since I got the book in 2008, we always made our own bread (though living in Switzerland, it doesn’t sound too unusual). I’ve recommended to many friends and family members. Especially when we translated it in Chinese for our family in Taiwan, they all start to make their own bread now. Now I am so so so happy to know it is available in Taiwan and yet in traditional Mandarin. I know they will be crazy about it! Thanks a lot!!!

  2. Many of my relatives in Taiwan don’t own ovens, so it won’t be any use to them there.

    However, many of my relatives live in America, and would love to bake bread, but they only read Chinese. This will be great for them.

    Glad to hear about the translation.

    1. Your relatives might want to try flat breads or English muffins on the cooktop, using the doughs in the translated book. Just a thought.

  3. Dear Jeff and Zoë, I’ve just tried the recipe last night, and it was my first time to make a bread! Thank you so much! Just check you page and find out that there a Chinese version now here in Taiwan, GREAT! I shall buy my copy very soon and share more great breads with my friends, as you guys do! Thanks again!

  4. wow!it’s a great news to me!I tried your recipe from last week, although my bread’s not perfect, it’s really fun making beads by myself.When I saw the news on your website last night, I immediately order a book and I would like to share your genuine ideas with my friends in the future!

  5. Question. How do you correct a dough that is too wet and soft and that has already rested the initial 2 hours and been refrigerated overnight. This if for the master recipe for Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a Day.

  6. I’ve overlooked the recipe for the yeast and only put 1.5 teaspoon instead of tbsp. The dough rose pretty well at room temperature after 2.5 hour. However, I didn’t wait for it to collapse and I deflated it before I put it into fridge last night. The dough rose again in the container when I checked this morning. What should I do? According to the instruction, we suppose to wait the dough to collapse itself, will it make any difference if I deflate it myself and the amount of yeast I used for this recipe?
    Sorry but I will try to follow the recipe and direction more careful next time.
    Thank you!

    1. Takumi: It’s fine– low-yeast versions of our recipes work quite well, see our post on that under the FAQs page. It’s not so particular about the collapsing, etc.

  7. Hi!
    I have been making bread from the 1st book for a while now and LOVE it. I am just now looking at the gluten free recipes from your 2nd book as it turns out I am gluten intolerant. 🙁
    I am very bummed about it as I LOVE bread so much. I tried the gluten free brioche so far and I think I did something wrong with the texture… (It was like batter) but it tasted great. I am trying to find an easy go to gluten free recipe for everyday use and the Gluten Free Olive oil bread appeals to me. But I have a question. Do you think I could substitute a few of the ingredients. I do not eat soy… do you think I could substitute with any other flour… like quinoa,chia, etc… and also, is the cornstarch interchangeable with tapioca starch?

    Thank you so much for your response. I could experiment but I thought I would ask you first for your opinion before I ruin a batch… ;P

    1. Hi Natalia,

      I think you might like the gluten-free crusty boule, but make it with olive oil. You can substitute any bean flour for the soy. Tapioca can be used in place of the cornstarch.

      Thanks, Zoë

  8. Hi, Jeff & Zoé :

    Just tried your recipe last night & today. It’s the 1st time I made bread by myself. I was surprised that my bread turn out to be great! And my son & I made pizza for dinner tonight, he just loves it! Thank you for your brilliant ideas! I bought book in iBook. Also, Very happy to know that you have the Chinese Version published in Taiwan! My family in Taiwan! already bought some copies. However, just one question, some of my relative who bought your Chinese version book in Taiwan, but they do not have a build-in oven like us In North America. They only have a small count-top oven. So what can they do with the step of add a cup of hot water to the broiler tray when bake the bread. Thank you!

    1. Maggie: So glad you’re enjoying. Now, the question about how to do steam is a hard one in a non-standard oven. There are other ways of getting steam in there…
      Baking in a Dutch Oven: or outdoors
      Aluminum Roasting Pan for Crust:
      Cloche baking:

      And I have a YouTube video

  9. l bought one copy last week. Thanks for the great book. But not so many color pictures in the book. l don’t know how it should look like when the bread was baked.

    1. Pedro: More pictures here on the website, look around. Also, our boards, follow us there.

  10. Hi Jeff & Zoe

    I just got this book few days ago. This book is great! Thanks to both of you introduced those lovely bread to me and my family.
    I’ve tried the red wine $ cheese bread this evening, but the wine seems not enough (according to book Chinese version is 1 and 1/2 cup). just wondering if the Chinese recipe is wrong key-in?

    Would you check this for me?
    Here is the Chinese version recipe:
    Whole wheat flour : 130g
    All purpose flour : 770g
    Yeast : 15g
    Salt : 15g
    Vital wheat gluten : 35g
    Rye : 1/2 cup
    Wine : 1 + 1/2 cup
    Cheese : 1 cup

    1. Horsy: This is correct. Be sure to use red wine– it’ll impart a stronger flavor. If you still want more wine flavor, increase it, but decrease the water by the same amount so you stay at a total water volume of 3 cups. Could go all the way to 3 cups wine– but that would be an experiment, can’t vouch for it.

      1. Hi,Jeff, thanks for checking.
        but I feel my batter still to dry so I add another 1+ 1/2 cup water. I think that would be OK. Thanks a lot!

    1. Right, total liquid is 3 cups, but you can increase the wine for flavor. It might get too strong as the dough ages, see what you think.

  11. Hi! I know this is a little off topic, but I didn’t know where else to post my question. I was wondering if you’re familiar with the rolls used for Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches, and I’m hoping that you might come up with a recipe for them one day. They’re sort of like baguettes, but my understanding is that they’re made with rice flour as well as wheat, which makes them extra light and crispy. Love your books and your method – we never would have had home baked bread without them! Thanks!

    1. Hi Amanda,

      I know exactly which rolls you are talking about and have been meaning to create a recipe to recreate that sandwich. As soon as I’ve got it, I’ll share.

      Thanks, Zoë

  12. Hi, Jeff & Zoé,

    I have a English copy for a while, it is great that now my family and friends in Taiwan can enjoy healthy Bread in five Minutes a day!

    One question: The breads I make from the Master Recipe taste great but are somehow rather flat, the height is less than 5 cm ( I measure the breads just out of oven now :P). Is there some way to make the bread puffier? By the way, I live in Germany, so all the ingredients are from Germany.
    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Kate,

      Have you had a chance to watch any of our videos? It may be helpful to see if your dough is a bit wetter or drier than ours. Are you making the master recipe from Artisan Bread in Five or Healthy Bread in Five?

      Thank! Zoë

      1. Thank you so much for the prompt reply!
        I had watched the videos before, and I think my dough is bit wetter than yours.
        I make the master recipe from Healthy Bread in Five.
        My oven is equipped with hydro baking function, so the crust is crisp without baking stone and a cup of water to create steam.
        I just found that I forgot to cover the loaf with plastic wrap during resting, will it be the problem?
        Many thanks in advance!

      2. Hi Kate,

        You are able to find vital wheat gluten in Germany? Try to add an additional tablespoon to the batch. This will dry out the dough and give it a little more structure. Are you using commercially ground flour?

        Thanks, Zoë

      3. Hi Zoë,
        Thank you very much for the reply!
        I use “Weizenkleber” as vital wheat gluten. And I use commercially ground flours which are available in the supermarkets in Germany.
        I will try your suggestion next time!

    2. Hi Zoé,

      Thank you so much for the advice!
      I got very nice shaped breads after adding an additional tablespoon of vital wheat gluten. And they taste great!:)

      1. From what I understand, you can start by putintg your pans in the oven and then use your oven’s self-clean feature. I don’t even know what this means because my oven has no such feature since it is ridiculously old. But, after that, you can set them in a vinegar bath (part vinegar part water) for up to 4 hours (no more) and then use a light sandpaper to sand off the rust. I just picked up two roughed up pans used, once I get around to cleaning them I’ll let you know how they turn out.

  13. Hi ,
    I love this book very much. Thanks for this great book. It let me start to baking my first bread.
    Would you please tell me why my bread tasted a little bitter ?

    1. Hi Pedro,

      How old was the dough when you tasted the bitter flavor? Some people are very sensitive to the taste of the natural fermentation and that may be what you are experiencing. If so, I recommend doing a batch with less yeast, which will slow down the fermentation. Use 1 tablespoon and see if you prefer that. It will take longer for the dough to rise initially, but after that you use it just the same way.

      Thanks, Zoë

      1. Hi Zoe,

        The dough won’t last two days. because I cann’t wait to bake. It is so fun. I will try your recommendation next time. Thank you.

  14. hi super excited as i read more on your blog
    unfortunately i cannot get hold of this book in Hong Kong
    i called several bookstores and they cannot order for me.
    eslite hk said some issues with copy right
    pls advise how to order your book
    either English or chinese is fine
    not simplified tho

  15. i love breads. and the fact that its made easy to make gives me a happy tummy. my husband is the one baking and the one who discovered your site. good thing there are sites that has chinese traslation. will be looking for ur book. thank you very much.

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