Baking in a Cloche

Emile Henry Cloche 09

There are many ways to get a crusty loaf of bread, but one of our favorites is to use the tried and true method of baking in a clay cloche, here, the Emile Henry brand cloche. It is very similar to using a Dutch Oven, but the cloche was designed to bake bread, so it is an even more intuitive method. In other words, you aren’t lowering the bread into the piping hot vessel, you just lift the lid and slide the loaf onto what is essentially a baking stone. The cloche traps the steam from the dough to create a perfectly crisp and beautifully shiny crust, without having to add steam to the oven.

This loaf was made with our Master Recipe from The New Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, using Platinum Yeast from Red Star, water and salt, that’s it! If you’ve never made our bread, or just want a refresher, please watch our new video that we put together in the Gold Medal baking studio. In no time at all you’ll have a gorgeous, homemade, crusty loaf of bread.

1 pound of Master Recipe from TheNewABin5 (that’s it)

Baking in Cloche | Breadin5

Shape the loaf into a ball and let it rest for 40 to 90 minutes on a piece of parchment or a Pizza Peel covered in cornmeal.

Emile Henry Cloche 02

Our dough will rise, but may not double in size, this is perfectly normal for our method.

Emile Henry Cloche 05

About 20 minutes before baking, preheat your cloche to 450°F.

Emile Henry Cloche 06

Slide the loaf onto the bottom part of the cloche. Put the cover on and bake for about 30 minutes. Remove the cover and continue baking for 5 to 10 minutes,

Emile Henry Cloche 07

or until the loaf is a deep caramel color.

Emile Henry Cloche 08

Remove the loaf from the cloche and parchment to allow it to cool completely on a wire rack. If you leave it on the parchment, the bottom crust will not be as crisp.

Emile Henry Cloche 10

This loaf was rested for about 90 minutes, and you can see that it has a nice open crumb. If you are in a hurry you can reduce it to 40 minutes.

Platinum Yeast | Breadin5

Thanks to the sponsors of our giveaway of Platinum Yeast (for dough that rises faster and breads that bake taller),


Gold Medal All-purpose flour (which is our go to flour),

Emile Henry Cloche 03

and the Emile Henry Cloche, along with a signed copy of our new book (you can read all about what we’ve added in this edition of the book here), just leave your comment here and we’ll choose a random winner, but you must respond to our e-mail within 24 hours to win (see our Contest Rules for more details). The winner has been chosen. Thanks! 

Note: Red Star Yeast (Lesaffre Corp) is a sponsor of BreadIn5, LLC and its promotional activities, and supplied yeast for recipe testing.

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551 thoughts on “Baking in a Cloche

  1. I enjoy making your breads and sharing them with friends and family, especially my two delightful grandsons…they can have no dairy in any form and your simple and delicious breads are a real treat for them.
    I would love to win this contest and give the items to my daughter for Christmas. I know she and the boys, as well as her husband, would appreciate it very much.

  2. This method makes fresh, home-made bread so much easier than the loaves I did with my grandmother way back in the wood cookstove and lots of kneading era. She did not teach me to use a cloche so winning one would be a welcome new experience. It is so nice to have bread with a short list of ingredients, all of which can be pronounced without a chemistry degree! Thank you!!

  3. I would love to win! The cloche and bread look beautiful. I am trying to live a healthy lifestyle and homemade bread is the best!

  4. I’m a beginning bread baker and have been having a lot of fun experimenting. I just got the perfect container to start making the artisan bread in 5 minutes/day. I can’t wait to bake the first loaves. Thanks for all you do!

  5. I would love to try this method but know I could never afford 1 of those pan things. I love the idea of making the dough ahead & storing in the fridge. Thank you

  6. This is incredible. A friend shared 2 of your recipes with me and I love them. I can’t believe how easy this is. I’ve never been very successful at baking bread. I need to get my own copy.

  7. Thank you so much for your great books and all the great tips. I love using these recipes as they are so easy and always turn out great. I make sure and share your books with my friends !!! Thanks for the opportunity to win these goodies. Would enjoy using them all in my bread baking.

  8. I’ve been baking using all of your books for the last 4 years. All of the recopies turned out at least decent if not excellent. My family has so many favorites that it’s hard to name all. Your books and web site has inspired me to experiment. Thank you!

  9. My husband was so excited about this new book that he gave it to me Before Christmas! We could have homebaked bread any day now! Would love to try the cloche!

  10. Just discovered your first book and love it. I have tried 4 different recipes, 3 of which are in the refrigerator right now. Two of the three I haven’t baked yet but will do so tomorrow. I have been baking bread since the late 1950’s and have been quite successful. However, this technique is amazing and so easy and delicious.

  11. We love your books. We found them when our son was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. We found that his body reacted adversely to a myriad of chemicals found in most foods. Your bread recipes allowed us to be able to make healthy, delicious bread for him with the minimum of time and effort! We would love to try the cloche!

  12. What a great way to make bread! I’d love to win the cloche and all the extras. Thanks for hosting the giveaway and for you always informative blog.

  13. Just bought your newest book (I have all four), and can’t wait to try some of the new recipes. Your method is so easy and foolproof — much less work and time than the traditional method. Thanks for bringing back the joy of baking bread.

  14. I live in a very rural area of Ohio. The closest bakery is over 30 miles away. When friends from out-of-town visit, I always ask them to bring a favorite loaf of bread from their local bakery. I would love to win your contest because having your book and equipment, it would allow me to make my own artisan breads in my home. Meanwhile, I’m reading your blog to learn as much as possible about your easy way to make breads. Thank you for this contest!
    Kind regards,

  15. Simple & Tasty! Win-Win! (except for my thighs, that’s another story…) But still, Win-Win! Hooray for bread, free stuff & a “curvier”* me!
    * not actually curvy

  16. I have told everyone how easy it is to make this wonderful bread. I am giving several of your books for Christmas gifts. I can hardly wait to try some of the other breads in the book. New Years Day will bring pizzas from the pizza book. Thanks for making bread making so easy! Maybe winning theEmile Henry Cloche would be a great start to the New Year!!

  17. Making bread with your recipe for gluten free crusty boule has made a world of difference in my life. I was rarely able to enjoy bread due to the cost of commercially produced rice bread. I could only have the rice since I have sensitivities to corn and potato as well as wheat. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your work on this subject! I have shared some of my bread using your recipe with others in my work and family who also have gluten sensitivities. They are amazed at the flavor and texture of this wonderful product!

  18. Your book is on my wishlist in Amazon! I moved from NY where all kinds of bread where abundant to SC where all the bread is just mushy. We WANT and NEED crusty bread! Have no experience making any kind of bread. Tried my bread machine like 5 times.

  19. Beautiful loaf of bread and an interesting bread baking tool. It seems to replicate the environment of baking bread in a brick oven like we do at Serenity Farm. We spritz our bread with water first before inserting it onto the hot bricks and touch it up some while baking, depending on the thickness of the crust we are going for.

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