Our interview with ABC-7 News’s Steve Dolinsky in Chicago: the podcast

Hungry  Hound photoWABC-7With Steve Dolinsky after podcast at Floriole

Former Minnesotan Steve Dolinsky left Hopkins to make his fortune in Chicago as ABC-7 News’s “Hungry Hound,” with a great show about food in the Windy City. We’ve been on Channel 7 with Steve before (view segment), but most recently, we did a podcast with him from Floriole Bakery and Cafe in Chicago, back on October 28, right after we launched The New Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. Great bakery, and a great time taping the podcast with Steve. Click here to listen (go to “Artisan Bread Made Easy, Jan 29, 2014”)!

17 thoughts to “Our interview with ABC-7 News’s Steve Dolinsky in Chicago: the podcast”

  1. I just wanted to say I’ve made three batches of your gluten free bread, substituting some gluten free oat flour for some of the brown rice flour on the last one, and my family loves it! This method is so great for families eating gluten free because high quality GF bread is hard to find, expensive, and spoils quickly. So, thanks!!

  2. Enjoyed the podcast of course. The new book is on my birthday wish list.
    I wanted to sub buttermilk for some of the water in the 10 grain recipe. Do I need to adjust anything else? Also will this shorten how long I can keep it in the fridge?

    Thanks for making bread baking fun

    1. Hi Angela,

      So glad you enjoyed the podcast!

      Yes, you can use buttermilk. It may require more than the recipe call for, since it tends to be quite thick. If you replace 1 cup of the water, you will want to add about 1 cup plus a couple tablespoons buttermilk.

      Thanks, Zoë

  3. I have the new AB in 5. It’s terrific. However, I could not find one of my favorite recipes from the old book , namely, :Ham and Cheese Pull Apart Bread”
    I have already given the older version of your fine book to my sister in law. She’s baking away, and I doubt if I could talk her into giving it back. OH, what to do?
    Sue from ST.Lu

  4. Hello Jeff and Zoe,
    I’m wanting to use the brioche recipe you all have posted here on the website. I was wondering can the brioche dough be used to make croissants by folding the butter into the dough (letter style) and resting as you would with traditional croissants? Also have either of you tried replacing the water with milk when making brioche? Or would it be best to do a half water half milk combo? Thanks for your help 🙂

    1. Hi Nia,

      I replied to your croissant question on the Brioche feed, did you see it? If not, this is what I wrote:

      “Hi Nia,

      I’ve made croissants using our master recipe. It works, but it was way more than 5 minutes a day, so I’ve never written about it. Maybe I should.

      Cheers, Zoë”

      I have made the brioche with a portion of milk and it works well, but didn’t change the dough significantly.

      Enjoy, Zoë

      1. Hi Zoe,
        I totally missed your reply on the other post. Sorry for the duplicate question. I appreciate your response and I am so excited that croissants can be done with stored dough! I can’t wait to grab some extra time to try it out!
        Thanks again,

      2. BTW Zoe,
        I think you should absolutely share your successful experience with making croissants with the master dough. Everything you all share with us helps us all to learn and grow as bread bakers 🙂

      3. Hi Nia,

        I will eventually do it, I’m sure lots of folks would find it interesting.

        Cheers, Zoë

  5. Congratulations on your new book! I enjoyed the podcast 🙂 Thanks for the new weights measurements, that makes life a lot easier in Europe because butter for example is sold by metric weight and often not in sticks, so it was off-putting to make a butter-based dough. I’m moving soon and will change from a dinky apartment fridge to a big family home fridge, so we are going back to keeping bread dough in the fridge and freezer. Cheers!

  6. This is a bit late in coming, but congratulations on your new book! I purchased my copy of the new book shortly after the new year. I intend this to replace the original book, but only if I am assured all of those original recipes are in the new book. Are they? You all have made a bread baker out of me, and bread was the one thing I did not do in the kitchen because I was afraid of yeast. Now there is nothing I am afraid of in the kitchen! Onward and forward!

    1. Well, almost, but not quite, so I wouldn’t get rid of your old copy. A few of the recipes were pretty extensively re-written (eg., Chocolate Bread), so in that sense, the old recipe is gone. And all of the recipes are made with less yeast.

      No fear, eh? Thanks for the kind words.

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