Gluten-Free Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day is released

GF Book and Cloche 01

After a long year of testing, writing, and thinking about gluten-free bread, Zoe and I are proud to announce that our new book, Gluten-Free Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day is going to be released for sale tomorrow, October 21, 2014. It’ll be available in independent bookstores, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and all the online sellers, all over the U.S. (and actually, the world).

This giveaway is over, the winners are listed below!  To help us celebrate, the good folks at Emile Henry Cookware have agreed to provide 10 lucky winners (yes 10) with an Emile Henry Bread Cloche, a $130 value. All you need to do is enter, by leaving a comment before October 27, 2014. If you’re a winner, you must respond to our notification within 24 hours, and we can only ship to U.S. addresses (our usual contest rules apply–click to view). Cloches (French for “bell”) are stoneware enclosures that preheat beautifully and create a great result in home ovens, and we’ve loved them for gluten-free bread just as much as our wheat loaves (they can of course be used with either). We have more information about using cloches here on the website (we posted about this last year, and also in 2009).

GF Book and Cloche


Congratulations to the 10 randomly chosen winners of the cloche giveaway:











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441 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day is released

  1. I had pre-ordered the book and it arrived the day it was released. I have the first book and have used it for years and love it. We had to go gluten and dairy free this year and I have been anxious to try your version since the first book was the best bread cookbook I have ever used. Can’t wait to make my first loaf. Thanks!!

  2. Just received my book yesterday and already have the all purpose flour in the fridge. I will bake my first gluten free loaf later on today! This book looks as promising as all your others. I am so glad to put it to good use!

  3. I’d love to win this beautiful cloche! I know it would inspire me to do even more bread baking. Thank you for sharing your techniques which have helped me learn to bake homemade breads.

  4. I am so excited to get my copy of this book! It feels like it has been forever since I have had real bread. Would love to start out right with this cloche. Pick me, pick me, pick me!

  5. Hi! I have been using your wheat bread recipe for a few months now and love it! So does my husband who eats honestly a loaf every 2 days (big bread family). We have cousins who are celiac and I haven’t liked any gluten free recipes I’ve tried so far. Am trying yours for the first time today so I am very excited. Thanks for all your work!

  6. This would be a wonderful way to start baking my first gluten free breads. I’ve baked many of your recipes from ABin5 but had to cut back on bread for myself because I just would eat way too much freshly baked bread. However, my son, who has been battling cancer for several years needs to seriously change his diet. So I’m going to try to find some healthier breads for him.

  7. Hi,

    My wife recently needed to go gluten free so we bought your new book. FYI we have the Emile Henry Baguette Baker and it works really well with your gluten free baguette recipe, BUT only if you use parchment paper (as I learned from your older post here about using parchment paper in the Emile Henry Cloche). Without the parchment paper the my baguettes stuck like they are part of the mold, so be careful. With parchment paper they came out are as good as if they were baked in Paris. I Love Emile Henry bake ware, and I don’t own the cloche yet, so please enter me in the contest, and thank you for all the information in your book and this companion site.

    All the best from New York,

    James & Faye

  8. We have 2 of your cook books and make all our bread using your recipes (except for 1 we adapted to work like yours)

    I have a loaf ready to go in the oven and I was just thinking I wish I had a cloche. It would be great to win one.

    Anyway, I love the bread and my family won’t let us buy store bought bread anymore. It’s just not as good.

    Keep up the good work.

  9. Would love this for my daughter with a new baby, would be quick bread making for a busy Mom and Dad!! She gets the book for Christmas!! I’m excited to try it with her! Great info! Thank you!!

  10. I’ve been coveting the cloche online, just haven’t had the guts to buy one yet. I love my Dutch oven for breads, but this would be amazing.

  11. Beautiful Cloche!! Love your first book, and have too much fun making breads now. Thank you for a chance to get both of these.

  12. Just got the New Artisan Bread book and just make my first batch of boule. Absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to get the Gluten-Free book. I’m officially hooked!

  13. Been cooking gluten free since 2005 for my son. Just bought your new book and can’t wait to try the recipes. I would love a chance to win a cloche like that to bake your bread recipes in!

  14. What a lovely prize! I have the other version of this book (Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day). I didn’t realize they were coming out w/a GF versioN!

  15. Help! Al
    l of my attempts at making GF breads have left me seeking out a large boat owner who has lost their anchor…my GF bread could easily be used for one! The weight and the texture is just all
    WRONG. I am in desperate need of professional help! Perhaps your cook- book and Emile Henry’s bread cloche giveaway are just what the bread doctor ordered.

  16. How beautiful! I would so enjoy winning the cloche.
    Would inspire me to bake more often.
    Looking forward to your new book.

  17. I have purchased all your books and LOVE them. I haven’t made a loaf of bread or pizza my husband didn’t like! I can’t wait to try out some of these gluten free recipes, I know they’ll be amazing!

  18. i absolutely loved your first two books, but when I had to go gluten free I’ve been in search of really good bread… Can’t wait to get this book. The cloche would be a huge bonus!

  19. I have your previous bread books and I enjoy using them. I am looking forward to trying even more of your recipes. Congratulations on the new book!

  20. After purchasing the new ABin5 book a few weeks back, and posting photos of my efforts on Facebook to rave reviews, I’m now trying the light whole wheat version and have the first loaf rising as I type. Can’t wait to expand my repertoire with gluten free versions: I have teff, amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat, and rye flours waiting in the cupboard for their debut!

  21. So excited for the new book! I have baked so much beautiful bread from the first book and can’t wait to try the gluten free versions!!!

  22. I have been collecting all my gluten free fours and gaining my confidence for gluten free baking. I know I will be able to do it once I get your cookbook tomorrow. I have only been gluten free for 51 days but it has been wonderful. Hoping I am one of the lucky one to recieve the cloche.

  23. Thank you so much for the GF Bread book! I got your first book about a month before my Celiac diagnosis, and it was heartbreaking. I am SO GLAD to be able to FINALLY be able to eat your bread! (It’s resting/preheating now.)

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