Our Artisan Bread Baking Class on Craftsy!

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We are super excited to announce our new Craftsy bread baking video class. We’ve made a video of our most popular breads with lots of tips and techniques for getting a professional loaf every time you bake with very little time or effort! It is the perfect companion to all of our books. In the video we’ll use a single dough to create all the breads, but the techniques are useful for all the doughs from any of our books.

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Here’s some pictures from our video shoot in Denver. Our readers get 50% off the video by clicking the link below. This offer only lasts for two weeks, so join us soon!

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I’ll take you through the basics of mixing and shaping.

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We’ll make lots of flatbreads, including this puffed pita cracker salad bowl.

Craftsy Bread Class | Breadin5 03

Pizzas three ways and tossing tips!

Craftsy Bread Class | Breadin5 05

I’ll explain how to get a crispy crust.

Craftsy Bread Class | Breadin5 06

We’ll shape some fancier loaves, but you’ll see just how easy they are.

Craftsy Bread Class | Breadin5

We baked a ton of bread in 3 fun-filled days in Denver at the Craftsy studios.

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I have to give a huge thanks to the incredible team at Craftsy who made this video such a blast to make!

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Hope you’ll join us on Craftsy! Click to enroll…

43 thoughts to “Our Artisan Bread Baking Class on Craftsy!”

  1. The link for the 50% off is not directing to Craftsy but instead an index of your website. Is there a coupon code that can be used on Craftsy’s site instead?

    1. Try clicking the Craftsy bread photo above the hyperlinked text. I was able to get to Craftsy from there but not the hyperlinked text.

      1. Sorry for the delay, work kept me away from the fun stuff for days. Yep, link workds fine. Thanks kjn and Jeff!

  2. The Craftsy photo link still isn’t working, but the hyperlink after the “Hope you’ll join us on Craftsy!” is. FYI.

    1. I’m a Craftsy junkie, but the way, so I’m thrilled to see you’re offering a class there. I’ll be signing up for sure.

  3. I read in one of your articles that the bread could be baked on a cast iron pizza pan. Would a cast iron skillet work too? Also would you preheat it the same as a stone?

  4. So glad to see that a class is being offered on Craftsy! Love the convenience of doing this at home. Will be signing up soon to take the class. I have many recipes on bread baking, but your first book is the only one I use most of the time, because of the simplicity of the techniques. Recently made for the first time the “Challah Bread” It is the bomb!” Delicious. Hard for me to drop money and buy bread in a bakery now. I’ll be following up with comments after taking the class. Gotta love technology. Thanks for offering. I’m sure it is going to be a hit!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Vanessa, this is great. Feel free to comment here so our non-Craftsy readers will benefit from your insights. Either way.

  5. Jeff/Zoe,

    I signed up the course with Craftsy from your website. It was a great offer. Have been making your bread for several years, and I learning so much from the course. It made me excited to try some techniques I had not tried before.
    My husband recently had surgery, I took in a boule of the Master recipe to thank the surgeon and told him about you and Zoe and your books. He was excited to go your website and learn about your techniques.
    Thanks again for all you do,

  6. Aw, I wish I had found your website before enrolling in the Craftsy class. Could have invested the discount in a Danish dough whisk… But the breads in the video preview looked so delicious that I enrolled the moment I’ve finished watching it. 😉

    I’ve already made my first master dough and baked three lovely boules from it. Going to try one of the other recipes today and I am absolutely sure the result will be fabulous. 😀

      1. Thank you. 🙂 I’m glad that I discovered you through Craftsy.

        So far I’m doing great. The pita I’ve made yesterday (filled with gyros, salad and tzatziki) was delicious and my flatmate couldn’t believe I’ve baked it myself (though I’ve made pita before, just not such a large one).

      2. Hi Alexander,

        So glad you joined the Craftsy class, it is such a wonderful and easy way to learn our method. Pita has always been one of our favorite breads, since it is so simple and fast to make. Instant gratification!

        Enjoy! Zoë

  7. Just signed up for this class on Craftsy last week. Love it!! I am learning a lot and I like the fact you can write notes along the way. As time permits, im looking forward to applying these techniques to the recipes included with the course. Also, just purchased your “Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a Day” and I can’t wait to try some of these wonderful recipes using the variety of flours. Looks like most of the recipes are calling for vital wheat gluten which I should be able to find in grocery store. I’m sure these techniques from the Crafsy class can be used also with this cookbook.

    1. Hi Vanessa,

      I’m so glad you’ve joined me in the Craftsy class, it will be wonderful to see what you are baking. All of the techniques you learn during that class will be useful for the Healthy breads as well. The only difference is that we mix the dry ingredients before adding the liquids, which is reverse of what we do usually. The reason is the vital wheat gluten needs to be mixed with flour before adding liquid to it or it may clump into little balls of gluten. Otherwise it is just as easy.

      Cheers and enjoy all the bread! Zoë

  8. I have been making the artisan free form loaf from your book. I would like to bake
    a larger loaf than the 1 pound piece of dough at a time, how would I adjust the cooking time for a 2 pound loaf/

  9. Just made Rye, pg 58 in “Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day”. As seems to happen with all my loaves, they burst out and become misshapen. Wish I could post the picture. Otherwise delicious. I also purchased the Craftsy series–very helpful. Will have the bust out problem though. Please help.

    1. Hi Clay,

      This is usually due to a short rise after shaping. For whatever reason, often a very cold refrigerator, your dough hasn’t rested long enough before you are putting it in the oven. Try letting it rest an extra 20 to 30 minutes and it will likely fix the problem. Also make sure you are slashing the dough deep enough. You want to cut about 1/2″ deep to make sure it is opening up enough. This may be deeper than the old versions of the book say to cut, but give it a try.

      So glad you’ve joined the craftsy class. You can always post pictures there.

      Thanks, Zoë

  10. Zoe – splendid work on the videos, you are a natural teacher and the videos attenuate the content in your books!
    I’m looking for a recipe to make a Bread Bowl (no egg) – have all 4 books except gluten free. Recipe would you suggest?
    Jeff – I’m using fermented cashews, soy milk, vegan butter n maple syrup as subs to veganize the patty dough.

    1. Hi Victor,

      You can use our Master recipe, the Peasant loaf or really any of the breads that you think will go well with what you want to fill the bowl with. Just bake it and cut off the top and some of the flesh on the inside to create the bowl. Be sure not to make the walls too thin. And, your best bet is to use a thicker stew or dip when filling them.

      Thanks for the kind words about the video! Zoë

  11. Jeff – I had asked you earlier about a no egg brioche. I’m first making a sweetened vegan no knead pastry dough (see previous note). Any suggestions re egg yolk subs besides Ener G? Thx!

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