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This is a Super Peel. It is one of those products, like the Danish Dough Whisk, that changes the game for baking with our dough. I was skeptical that this cloth-covered peel would do the trick of transferring our wet dough onto the hot stone in the oven without sticking. I’ve come to use parchment to guarantee the dough won’t stick to the peel, but that’s not at all necessary with the Super Peel. Even after an 1 1/2 hour resting time the dough slid right off the cloth, no sticking, no prying it off with a dough scraper. Voila! The most exciting part is that it scoops the loaf off the hot stone with as much ease. No more chasing the loaf to the back of the oven while trying to get it back on the peel.

Now that we are heading into grilling season, and there is nothing better than pizza on the grill, you have to watch this video about using the Super Peel for transferring pizzas. Gary Casper invented the Super Peel and generously shared the Peel with me to try out. I loved it so much I asked him to do a giveaway so we could share one with you. *Leave a note in the comments below and you will be eligible to win a Super Peel. The winner is: Sandy! We’ll be in touch, Sandy.

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I used a Banneton to shape this loaf. It was a beautiful loaf, but not a true test of the super peel, since the dough does all of its rise in the basket, so it is only sitting on the peel for a few minutes before heading into the oven. The next one I made sat for 1 1/2 hours and it still slid right off.

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I slashed the dough with a lame (pronounced laam), which slid right through the wet dough. We say to use a serrated knife, but if you’re a kitchen gadget type, you may want to give a lame a try. The one I used is made from black walnut and was a gift from Sarah, but you can get a lame that work just as well, but aren’t as fancy.

Super Peel | Breadin5 01

To successfully use the Super Peel just dust the cloth with flour, set your loaf on it, let it rise for the specified amount of time. This loaf sat for 1 1/2 hours and still slid right off, no sticking.

Super Peel | Breadin5 04

Slash the loaf and then use the Super Peel to easily slide the loaf onto the Baking Stone. The peel comes with instructions on how to assemble (easy) and how to use it (also very easy) to slide the loaf or pizza off the peel and how to them simply scoop it back up. It is a very clever system that reminds me of the deck oven loaders I used in culinary school. When I saw this peel it was a “why didn’t I think of that?” moment. So simple, but so effective.

Super Peel | Breadin5 05

Once the loaf is baked, just put the peel up against the loaf and the cloth will pull it back onto the peel. You have to see the videos to believe it.

Super Peel | Breadin5 06

The use of the banneton gives the loaf a beautiful ringed look. Once you are comfortable with our basic recipe it is fun to play with some of these kitchen toys to get a different look to your loaves. None of these things are necessary to get a great loaf, but some make the process easier or just more fun!

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Leave a note below to win a Super Peel.

*All of our regular contest rules apply. You can read those rules here.


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379 thoughts on “Super Peel Giveaway CONTEST CLOSED, WINNER HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED

  1. I love this! I’ve yet to get a beautifully raised down to the stone without messing up a little bit. I wonder how it would work with a pizza.

  2. Wow! Another gadget I just have to try. This whole experience of bread making has been an extraordinary journey. Thank you for all the great tips and recipes!

  3. This looks amazing! I always enjoy your posts. And thank you especially for your work with gluten-free breads; it has really made a difference for me, being able to bake something that isn’t like a brick.

  4. I, too, have a danish whisk which is a great kitchen tool to have around. I would love to add the peel to my growing collection of kitchen ‘must haves’.

    1. Hi Jan,

      Works great for transferring to the grill.

      You might want a second cloth for this purpose, as it will get soiled quickly. But, this doesn’t affect use. I am working on a new belt for the peel that will be made of a very thin high temperature nylon “screen” material. This will handle the job and will be very easily cleaned.


    2. Well– if you touch the cloth to the blackened grill surfaces, that’s probably going to make a mess…

  5. My brother in law raves about his Super Peel. I love the story behind it and watched the videos awhile back. I would LOVE a Super Peel!!!

  6. Wow! What a great invention. I love to make pizza and artisan loaves. This peel would be a big help.


  7. That peel sure looks “appealing”; would love to have one! By the way I made the pretzel recipe the other day with the basic dough (no egg white added) and they are very good!

      1. Hi Jill,

        I can work with GF dough. I know, because that’s me! For a large loaf with very wet GF dough, as Jeff commented it may take some experimentation. It will transfer the loaf gently, but you would need to use sufficient flour/bran/etc. under the loaf to make sure it did not stick to the cloth during rising. Most times, I prefer to let my final proof take place on another surface and then lift it onto the peel when ready to place in oven. This works very well.

        For GF pizza it is pretty simple. You can lift the dough and add a little additional flour a couple of times as you spread the dough out. You probably would not want to do this with your GF bread.

  8. We make our own pizzas–would be a plus and with all the artisan bread we make. Thanks to you and Zoe for making bread such a exciting adventure.

  9. One of the parts of bread and pizza that I hate has always been getting the item on and off the stone in the oven. I’d love to win one of these Super Peels to make that task easier.

  10. Oh, I would so love one of these peels. I have yet to get good with using my peel and resort to parchment most of the time.

  11. Ooh, I’d love a Super Peel! Our family does a lot of grilled pizzas. This sounds like it would be a great piece of equipment to add to our grilling tools.

  12. This looks like a great item not just for boules, but even more so for pizza! No matter how much cornmeal I put on my peel, pizza dough still wants to stick.

    1. brenda, pizza is where this whole thing started. Having the same problems you are having, I just got frustrated way too easily (something like 2 pizza wrecks) and had to go and find a better way!

  13. I am using the master recipe from The New Artisan Bread In Five Minutes a Day from Thomas Dunne Books (2013). I am on my third batch of dough, working without the accoutrement that could make or break my ultimate outcome. That 21 inch x 14 inch, two pound peel would be a sweet addition to a working kitchen on a budget.

  14. Looks great, just wonder how. It handles wet dough and if the cloth washable, I would love to run tests on it in my kitchen

  15. I thoroughly enjoy making your bread recipes and am eager to try your pizza recipe! As far as bread tools/toys go, I recently purchased the Danish dough whisk, and know using the Super Peel would further add to my bread baking enjoyment!

  16. I rarely make pizza because it always sticks to the cutting board (I don’t even have a basic peel) – this would revolutionize my pizza baking. 🙂

  17. I’ve been following your blog for ages (can’t tell you how many requests I’ve had for your carrot cake recipe!), and just finished watching your Craftsy bread class. My first batch of dough is in the fridge. Beer braised short ribs and fresh bred for dinner tonight. Can’t wait! Now, if only I had a peel. 😉

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