Craftsy Class Giveaway!

Craftsy giveaway

It is coming up on baking season and we want to get you all ready and in the mood. As you may have heard, we did a Craftsy video series that shows all the tips and techniques for creating our favorite breads. The class is based on our Master recipe from The New Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, but the course is helpful for baking any breads and pizzas from all of our books.

As a big THANK YOU to our Breadin5 community, we’re giving away our Craftsy Artisan Bread in Minutes class to a random winner. All you have to do is click on the link below to enter. Good luck and enjoy the class.

Here are some of the lovely reviews of the Craftsy class…

“I’m so glad this class was available! I have the book but I’m a very visual learner & this has helped me so much.”

“I watched the lessons twice and had bright shiny light bulbs suddenly turn on both times. I’m sure if I watched it again I would learn another bright new tip. Your books have been read cover to cover but I found the text comes to life now that I have watched the video thanks to you and Craftsy.”

“You really brought your books to life. I thought the dough might actually be in the fridge for 2 weeks, but it is barely lasting the weekend….. So good! Cinnamon buns for breakfast this morning clinched it, best I’ve ever had.”

“Wow…I had no idea Artisan breads were so simple! I will never buy one again in a store.”

“I love baking bread. Before watching her class I could only bake bread on the weekends because of the long ferment and proofing times. Now from learning Zoe’s method I can bake bread everyday.”

“This is my second bread making class, and this is my favorite. One dough recipe that you can store in the fridge for up to 2 weeks, baking parts of it as needed makes for the easiest, freshest bread your family will make. Zoe Francois also shows you some neat tricks to braid and shape your dough so that you look like a professional baker.”

“This technique and recipe is so awesome and easy. You will never need to buy bread again. You will also never knead bread again.”

Simply Click Here to Enter!

25 thoughts to “Craftsy Class Giveaway!”

  1. I’m already registered for the class, so don’t choose me, but I wanted to comment to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed it. I’m not done watching it all, but it’s been great to watch Zoe teach.

    1. Hi Samina,

      I just asked the good folks at Craftsy and they said you can enter even though you are already enrolled and if you win you can either gift the class to someone or you can pick a different one. 🙂

      Thanks, Zoë

  2. Like the previous one, don’t choose me. 🙂

    But also wanted to say it’s a great class. Sign up for it, if you don’t win the free one. Thanks Zoe for showing me new techniques and ideas.

    1. Hi Risser,

      I just asked the good folks at Craftsy and they said you can enter even though you are already enrolled and if you win you can either gift the class to someone or you can pick a different one. 🙂

      Thanks, Zoë

  3. I watched your video on slashing the bread top the other day. It was so helpful. I’m making the Master recipe today to have fresh bread this holiday weekend for our guests.
    Carol b

  4. I am on a calorie counting diet and I looked all through the “New Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day” and I couldn’t find any information about the calories or nutritional content of any of the recipes. I am using the “Master Recipe” for bread and pizza. I can make a nice sized pizza from 8 oz. of dough. How many calories from the dough in the pizza?

    1. Our publisher decided not to fund nutritional information on each recipe, sorry about that. So we actually don’t know the answer to your question, and of course, everything depends on portion-size. We include some links here on the website to calculate calorie-counts yourself. Go to the FAQs tab above and click on “Nutrition content: How can I calculate it?” Both those websites in the FAQ are useful, if laborious…

  5. Just started baking with your Gluten Free Artisan Bread book. Jumped straight to the Monkey Bread and it was a huge hit. I am trying the Challah today but want to know the best way to mail GF breads. You say not to store inside foil or plastic. I want to mail a loaf to my niece in Alsaka. What is the best way to do this?

    1. I have to be honest– gluten-free breads made without preservatives or chemical dough conditioners (like ours) don’t do so well as they start to get stale. My guess is that it won’t be good if you mail to Alaska. Here’s how I’d test that. Make one for yourself, seal it tightly– yes, in plastic to try to keep it from drying out. Sample it however long it’ll take to get to Alaska. Curious how you make out with this.

      1. Hi Jeff.
        Thanks so much for your reply. Lol, your suggestion is easier than my idea of just making a loaf and sending it to see what happens. I have wrapped my loaf at home in wax paper – 3 days and still good.
        I need to check with the post office – I doubt there is 2 day priority from the east coast to Alaska. Wonder how long a package will take. Will let you know what happens.

  6. Just about all my bread baking is now done with your method. Everything is so good and I am amazed at the versatility of the different doughs. I look forward to winning the video class and hope to learn more.

  7. I’ve tried to make so many different GF breads and finally came across your recipe the other day 🙂 so excited because it actually smelled good and tasted good. Bought the book and have raved on my celiac forum for the other ladies. Thank you again. I have the gluten free book. Not sure if the other book is the same but excited about trying the others. Now need a hot dog and hamburger bun recipe

    1. You can make versions of the buns we have in that book, starting on page 90, that would work great as hot dog or hamburger buns– just shape differently– flatter and wider for hamburgers, and flatter and longer for hot dogs.

  8. I have baked our daily bread now from your recipes for several years. Being a German national, I grew up with healthy bread of many varieties. Your books on baking are a gift and great potential Contribution to the nutrition for the US population. I

    Rarely do I buy bread in a store and I am deeply grateful to you.
    As we are not used to eat g breads that are sweetened unless they are desserts can I leave out thesee added sweeteners and increase salt somewhat. I.e. your whole grain maple oatmeal bread. How would I do leaving out the maple syrup? Would love to hear from you. Thanks, Dorothee

    1. Thanks so much Dorothee!

      The only change would be related to liquid content, because maple syrup has a little water–it’s not a pure sugar. You may need a little extra water– maybe 1/4-cup? It’ll take a little experimentation but the result will be great. One warning– sugars are hygroscopic (meaning that they attract and hold onto water). So your maple-free version may seem a little drier. The salt you’re planning to increase is also hygroscopic, so that might make up some of the difference.

  9. Hi! I have a question….

    I grabbed some amazing pumpkin cream cheese from the grocery store the other day, and would love to make some sort of cinnamon/cinnamon raisin/pumpkin spice bagels to put it on! Do you have a recipe for adding cinnamon or other spices into the bagel dough? Thanks a ton!’n

    1. Yes, it’s in Healthy Bread in 5 Min/Day, we have a cinnamon-raisin bagel (page 74). If you don’t have access to that book let me know and I’ll search for something. Have you used our Search Bar (above)? Type cinnamon into there.

      1. Thanks! I don’t have that book….I did a search and only came up with other cinnamon bread types – not bagels. But, I could have missed it? If you can find it easily, that would rock! If not, I’ll keep searching. Thanks!

      2. It’s not on the web at all, it turns out, now that I remember. Our publisher would kill us if we put all our recipes here on our site. That said, what it basically involves is mixing up some cinnamon-sugar in a bowl, sprinkling it (plus raisins) on some rolled-out dough, then rolling it up jelly-roll style. Then shape into a ball and cut off bagel-sized portions…

  10. Hi. I bake your breads all the time, and because I try to avoid plastic, I store the dough in a large glass bowl. I was thinking of switching to stainless steel but I thought I’d read somewhere that it’s not good to use stainless steel bowls for yeast doughs. Do you know if that’s true?


    1. I think stainless steel’s just fine, see what you think. I’ve done it, though not usually. Can’t think of any reason why there’d be a problem.

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