Thanks great review of “New Artisan” and, an Artisan Baker’s Gift Basket…

Mary Hunt blogs at, and she’s put up a marvelous review of “The New Artisan Bread…” When you visit, scroll down and you’ll see the holiday gift basket she’s put together, plus some very kind words:

“I may as well be president of the Artisan-In-Five fan club. for how this book and its method changed my life…”

Mary Hunt,

Thanks Mary!

6 thoughts to “Thanks great review of “New Artisan” and, an Artisan Baker’s Gift Basket…”

  1. She’s right! Love all the recipes, but the deli rye is my favorite. I live in a rural area and good deli rye bread is non-existent. Until now! I love the recipe – and, to amp up the caraway flavor, found ground caraway online to add to the dough. Sublime!

  2. Hi. Using GF book (THANKS!). Cinnamon buns (Page 230), using Brioche dough basis. Love the recipe, but can’t seem to get the log to seal shut properly so my buns unroll unceremoniously. Do you rely on pinching only or is there a better trick?


    1. Hi Neill,

      If the dough seems too wet and won’t pinch together, I will put flour on my fingers to help create the seal. You can also try making the edge a bit thicker, so you have more dough to work with when sealing them shut. Lastly, try tucking a bit of the sealed seam under the roll when resting, this will keep the rolls from unraveling completely when they are baking.

      Thanks, Zoë

  3. Hi, I’ve just made the master recipe for gluten free bread on page 64 of your gluten free book (wholemeal version), but I don’t think it is wet enough as the dough looks dry. I halved the recipe in case I got it wrong but I put in over half the amount of water you said but it still looks dry.

    1. There isn’t a wholemeal version of that recipe and if you just swapped in our Mixture #2, it’ll be too dry. You could try wetting it up but no guarantees. If you want a wholemeal version, you have to do the ones on page 102 or 106.

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