Holiday Gift Ideas for Bread Bakers!

All of our books are available on Amazon, so click on the book-images to the right (or on our home page) to go there. Plus, here are the products we’ve used, tested, and love:

oven-thermometerOven thermometer… so important for getting the perfect crust and crumb.


baking-stoneFull-size baking stone… same! There are even super-small ones that fit in a toaster oven (college students have made our loaves in dorm rooms). Cast-iron “stones” are also great, and more durable.

digital-scaleDigital scale


pizza-peelPizza peel… for free-form loaves, pizza, and flatbread. This one’s wood, but there are also nice options in composite material.

danish-dough-whiskDanish Dough Whisk… to more easily hand-mix our doughs.


dough-bucketDough bucket… Amazon sells the lids separately, but this price is much better than what you’ll find it for in kitchen stores. Many more baking products…

heavyweight-aluminum-baking-sheetHeavyweight baking sheet… next best thing to a stone, and fabulous for other baking as well. Avoid those thin sheets.

bread-knifeBread knife

pizza-wheelPizza wheel

loaf-panLoaf pan… heavy-gauge aluminum, and non-stick is our preferred pan (grease them anyway). You can even get mini-loaf pans in this style.

pastry-brushPastry brush

kitchen-shearsKitchen shears

french-rolling-pinFrench rolling pin, which we prefer, but traditional American-style pins work nicely too. For pizza and other flatbreads.

perforated-baguette-panPerforated Baguette Pan… not essential, but keeps baguettes from spreading sideways.


Check out our Equipment Page for even more of our essential baking items.

5 thoughts to “Holiday Gift Ideas for Bread Bakers!”

  1. For great results everyone should try USAPans at
    These corragated sheets steel pans make great crusts The website shows all and can be purchased directly from them The pans are American made and sturdy with great nonstick quality resultant from their special Americote treatment Everything released like a dream . They have hamburger bun pans for perfect brioche 5MD recipe and also New England Franfurter bun pans !!!!
    Now that dough for bread is in the fridge waiting to be used I am able to produce professional looking breads

    1. Gary: Quick question–are you in any way associated with the manufacturer or seller of these pans? I’m not familiar with this brand.


      1. I’m not Gary, but since its been awhile since you asked without a visible reply, I’ll pop in.

        I’ve seen these USA pans on the King Arthur Flour website and catalog for the past few years. I went to their site and typed USA pans in — just the ones with the odd-looking corrugation are that brand. A few years ago KAF was specifically calling them USA Pans and raving about the performance, I bet if you talk to the folks at KAF they can help you with actual information. I don’t see them referred to as “USA pans” on the KAF site currently.

      2. Response to Jeff’s question I am a devoted fan of the pans so much so that I went to visit the factory and met all the people it was a great experience
        They have a once or twice a year sale of overruns and second quality which is incredible hundreds and hundreds of people arrive to buy these pans but even if you can’t get that particular deal there certainly worth buying my association is merely unbelievably satisfied customer who can’t say anything that wonderful things about this product but then again I say the same thing about your books as I love them so much

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