New cake book: Zoe Bakes Cakes!

My friend, co-author, and business partner– the multi-talented Zoe Francois, has written the only cake cookbook you will ever need. Zoe Bakes Cakes dropped three days ago, and it’s already hugely successful. Someone asked me if I helped out on this cake book: answer is no, except for sampling the cakes!

Zoe and I met 18 years ago in our kids’ music class, and found we had some common interests–music, art, photography and FOOD. Once we figured out the food part and decided to write about bread together, Zoe broadened the repertoire beyond the country loaves and rye breads that were my obsession. That meant sweeter, richer treats like brioche and yeasted pastries. It temporarily satisfied the sweet tooth, but I knew that sooner or later, Zoe would write a cake book. The book is incredible, with scrumptious cakes, crystal-clear directions, and absolutely gorgeous photography–all shot by Zoe herself (she’s also a photographer–did I mention multi-talented?). Have a look…

and then have a bite…

… because if you can bake bread, you can bake cake too! The cake book is on Amazon and booksellers everywhere. Happy baking…

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6 thoughts on “New cake book: Zoe Bakes Cakes!

  1. The cake book looks amazing!

    I have a question about the Amish Milk Bread from Holiday and Celebration Bread p. 83. We have been trying to make this with non-dairy ingredients – Earth Balance unsalted cubes for butter and Silk unsweetened soy milk for milk – and it hasn’t risen during the resting on the counter phase. We baked the first batch, and had oven spring, and found the loaves still quite tasty. We wondered if we’d slipped up somewhere, so we made another batch: once again, very little rising during the rest on counter phase.

    I went to check if there was a correction for this recipe. No… but there’s a correction for p. 85 that is the only correction that turned out not be needed in our 1st edition of the book. Any chance that correction was meant for p. 83 instead? Would 1/4 less flour have made a difference here?

    Anyway, if you have any suggestions for this one, I’d really appreciate hearing them. Thanks!

    1. hi Anna,

      The lack of rise is most often due to temperature and not the ingredients in this case. If the butter or soy milk were chilly at all it can bring down the temperature of the dough and cause the yeast to take longer to rise. Try warming the ingredients a bit and it should help the rise. Are you measuring the flour by weights or cups? If you use cups, be sure to use the scoop and sweep (not spoon and sweep) method.

      Thanks, Zoë

      1. That makes sense! We warm water but hadn’t warmed the milk.

        We do use weight. It rocks – just add, tare, and add again – so efficient.

        Thanks very much!

      2. Hi, Zoe! Yes, that helped! With the warm milk, the dough more than doubled on the counter, and cooked up lighter. Thanks!

        We have 5 of your books: New Artisan, New Healthy, Pizza, Gluten-Free, and Holiday. They have been a source of continuous small pleasures. Much appreciated!

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