Craziest Pizza Combo Yet: Limpa Dough, Tomato, Anchovies, and Black Olives

OK, so I rolled some ground anise, orange zest, and ground cardamom into some light rye dough (see page 65) and it was going to be a limpa loaf, the traditional Scandivian spiced rye, and I was going to use that dough for a class I taught Tuesday night.  Never got to it.  What to do?

Tonight it’s pizza topped with tomato, anchovies, fresh mozzarella, and cured black olives.  I’m starting to think you can get away with anything if you keep an open mind.  We all devoured it. 

Challah done two ways from the same dough (Jewish New Year’s loaf AND a braided challah)


It’s Jewish New Year (tonight) and the traditional loaf, a round, turban-shaped one (round=continuity of life) took a back seat in this photo– so I decided to do a challah extravaganza and go through both shapes, which are easy once you see how they’re done.  Here’s the turban from a little closer:


They’re both made from the same dough but the New Year’s  turban always has raisins or other sweet fruit (to symbolize a sweet new year)– we’ll roll them into the dough so you don’t have to mix up a special one.  (more…)

Brioche Dough Recipe

Brioche Dough Recipe | Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day

Here is a classic fall recipe with a twist. I’ve added the tartness of pomegranate seeds to the mellow sweetness of pears and draped the whole thing in a rich, buttery, tender brioche dough. It is a lovely and quick dessert, especially if you have a bucket of brioche on hand. For those of you who do not already own The New Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, here is the recipe and it can be used for all of these wonderful treats: caramel sticky buns, grilled fruit tart, fresh fruit muffins, Brioche à tête, apricot pastries and fabulous doughnuts! Actually the possibilities are endless, just use your imagination and let us know what treats you’ve come up with. (more…)

Marco’s Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta (and, how to hear about new recipes on Twitter)


Years ago, my friend Marco (from Livorno in Italy) made my family a beautiful and simple dinner of buttered pasta with Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, and this gorgeous bruschetta with fresh tomato.  The cheese was brought from his mother’s kitchen in Livorno, but the fruit were perfect locally grown heirloom tomatoes.  Someone recently gave my wife and me some heirloom Brandywine tomatoes, vine-ripened, and we thought of Marco.  This dish is really just tomatoes on toast, but it manages to approach the sublime — that’s why it went into our book.  To hear about new recipes when they’re posted here, follow me on Twitter if you’re already signed up, or join Twitter today.  For more about our bruschetta recipe, from page 49, read on… (more…)

Cinnamon-Raisin Toast! (How I get my kids out of bed in the morning.)

cinnamon toast

I’ve just entered into the second week of school with my boys. My main goal these days is to find new and interesting ways to entice them out of bed in the morning. The alarm clock doesn’t seem to work, nor the words “you don’t want to miss your bus!”, because they really do want to miss it. What seems to motivate them to leave their cozy beds is the promise of something tasty to eat. So every morning I come up with something I know they will love. One morning it was crepes, the next waffles and this morning it was Cinnamon-Raisin toast. It did the trick, the boys got out of bed, albeit slowly, and devoured the better part of the loaf. (more…)

The world’s freshest watercress for savory watercress flatbread


I picked the world’s freshest watercress from a chilly Minnesota river last week, and baked it into fantastic savory flatbread, all out in the wild (everything tastes better outdoors).  This camping-trip method blends two favorite techniques from our book:  rolling in something that wasn’t originally mixed in the dough, like our raisin challah on page 183, and baking in a skillet on the stovetop (like our naan on page 173).  (more…)

Rustic Fruit Tart On The Gas Grill (from brioche dough!)


Zoe and I taught a class at Cooks of Crocus Hill last week, and we did summertime flatbreads, mostly done outside on the gas grill.  One that came out quite nicely was Zoe’s fruit pizza , which is described in the previous post.  The fruit sat on top of our basic non-enriched white dough (Master Recipe in the book, page 25), but I’ve been wondering whether we could get away with using brioche dough on a stone placed in the gas grill.  I wasn’t so sure, because brioche dough is a bit finicky and prone to scorching or drying if the temperature isn’t quite right or the heat isn’t quite even.  So today’s recipe is very similar to the fruit pizza, but it’s made with rich brioche dough (page 189 in the book) and it’s folded into a rustic tart.

For me, it’s the Holy Grail:  the entire meal done outside in the summer, including a delicious dessert.  It works beautifully, so long as you have a gas grill with a reasonably controllable heat source.  If you do, you can bake brioche dough outside, at least when it’s rolled out for tarts and other thin creations.  (more…)

Smoked salmon on pumpernickel on the lawn


I admit it, I’m becoming obsessed with outdoor dining.  We’re at the perfect summer moment up here Minnesota– not too buggy, and perfect temperature for dining al fresco.  So I’ve been doing everything on the grill.  The pizzas and flatbreads are no surprise, but the loaf breads are more challenging.  I did a pumpernickel on the gas grill and topped thin slices with butter, smoked salmon, fresh dill, and capers.  But you need to know the new twist for trapping steam to crisp the crust, which usually doesn’t work well on the well-ventilated gas grill. (more…)

Grilled Pizza for Summer in San Francisco and St. Paul


People kept asking us whether our very wet, stored dough could be grilled directly on the grates of a hot gas grill, and the answer is a very delicious yes– I stopped lugging my stone outside last summer.  Zoe and I will be teaching a class on this at Cooks of Crocus Hill in St. Paul, MN on July 19. We’ll also be talking summertime bread baking in San Francisco, where we’re headed tomorrow night to promote the book (see our events listings 6/26/08-6/29/08).  Read on if you want to see some highlights on how to grill the pizzas I made for friends in my backyard this past Saturday night… (more…)

Calzone for Lunch!


These days it is a struggle to find something my boys want to bring for school lunch. It has to be easy to eat in the 15 minutes they are given, taste good, not produce a huge mess and make them the envy of their peers! Well, I served a calzone (page 142) for dinner one night and my son announced that this was the perfect food for his lunches. The beauty of it is how versatile it can be. I basically fill it with whatever I have in the refrigerator (once it has been approved by the 3rd grader!) Because it is all wrapped up in the pizza dough I can get away with stuffing it full of things that a sandwich just won’t tolerate. Such as spinach, fresh whole-milk ricotta cheese and homemade meatballs. (more…)