Winner Announced! Kaiser Roll book giveaway

Well, we had over 90 responses, and they fell into four categories:

1.  Buy yourself a “Kaiser Stamp,” which imprints the tops of round rolls with the Kaiser pattern.

2.  “Klopping,” the traditional method of folding and pressing (“klopping” refers to the karate-chop like action to make the seal).  Very difficult to achieve with our wet dough; I still haven’t managed a credible one.

3.  Grouping small balls of dough together.  Not really a Kaiser effect, but a great result. 

4.  Knotting a rope of dough.  Really more of a “garlic knot” idea (see

So it was tough to pick a winner (I have to admit, I haven’t even bought a “Kaiser Stamp” yet).  The winner is a random selection… it’s Kris, who submitted a link to a post with the “knotting” method.  She’ll be getting a signed copy of the book.  Thanks Kris!