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  1. What is the highest amount of whole wheat flour I can use in the chocolate espresso whole wheat bread without impacting the bread flavor? And can I use steal cut oats for a part of the white flour? Trying to reduce the white flour and increase fiber in everything I eat.

    Recipe From the new healthy bread in 5 minutes a week day book on page 378.

    THANKS! Monica

  2. Recipes:
    1) Chocolate expresso whole wheat flour muffins using the using the Chocolate Expresso Dough from page 379-381

    2) Chocolate tangerine bars on page 382; using the Chocolate Expresso Dough from page 379-381

    Book: The New Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a Day (revised and updated with new recipes)

    1. As you increase WW in this recipe, it’s not so much the flavor that’ll change, it’s the texture (coarser), rising power (less), and water requirement (more). If you try (let’s say), 4 cups of WW and 2 of AP, you’ll need to experiment with the water–try 1.5 cups, but you may need 1.75. Given that you’re making the bars, you may not have as much trouble with rising (bars don’t need as much). My fear though, is increasing the WW may result in a dense result. Maybe that’ll be OK with bars. Could try making them thinner than what I specified in the recipe, which could help.

  3. I am trying to perfect a pumpkin yeast dinner roll. I’m well versed in the master recipe and I would like to alter another recipe to work with your master. My question is, if I keep the liquid to dry ratio the same, including milk and eggs in the wet, can I add additional water to the milk to get the same gram ratio? Should I add more milk instead?

      1. Take a look at the bottom of page 40 (the entry starting with the words “My Loaves…”) and try everything in there–that’s what I think is going on.

  4. Gluten free artisan bread in five minutes a day (2014)
    Page 64
    The Master Recipe:Boule

    Page says “easily doubled or halved’. What about quartered? We are empty-nesters and this is my first time making the recipe. I don’t think we will eat four loaves of bread in 10 days. 😉

  5. What is the best Bread in 5 recipe to use in a Pullman Pan? Can I use the Master recipe, and if so, do I need to add water to a pan even though the Pullman has a cover? What amount of dough goes in the pan and what is the temp/length of bake time?

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