Hot dog buns on the gas grill!

Minnesota is in a heat wave, so I can’t say that I’m itching to fire up the oven and bake fresh buns for hot dogs or bratwurst.  It’s a cinch to do it on the same grill that you use for your hot dogs or bratwurst, and this video shows you how.  Use any lean dough my books, like The New Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. Click for a recipe here. If anything in the video’s unclear, just visit back and post a question into the “Comments” field. There might be–some wacky highjinks in this old video. And more on shaping hot dog buns at this post, click here.

One word of caution:  I can’t vouch for the durability of baking stones placed on a gas grill.  I haven’t had any trouble with my half-inch thick stone but the thin ones tend to crack.  My guess is that if you call any stone manufacturer, they will tell you not to do this.  None of them warrant stones against cracking (one company did in the past, but they’ve withdrawn that).  

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2 thoughts to “Hot dog buns on the gas grill!”

  1. May I use home milled hard red and hard white wheat? How does this affect the storage if dough made same day wheat milled? Thanks

    1. Take a look at my post on home ground flo ur by typing in the words “fresh-ground” into the search bar above. If you have trouble finding it write back and I’ll get you a link. Here’s the thing though. In my experiments with fresh ground flour I used a local mill and I didn’t do it myself so it was very consistent. In those cases my test showed that it didn’t change the storage time at all. If your flour has a different moisture content, or fineness, it may not store as well. So this may take some experimentation

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