Equipment and Classes

Here’s equipment we find essential to baking great bread with our super fast Breadin5 method (aside from our books!… which you can buy here). Note: is reader supported. When you buy through links on the site, BreadIn5 LLC earns commissions.

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1. You can store dough in just about any non-reactive vessel, but a 6-Quart Round Food-Storage Container with Lid is very  nice to have.

2. The Danish Dough Whisk makes mixing by hand even easier, because it doesn’t provide the resistance of a wooden spoon.

3. Using a Scale is the easiest, fastest and most accurate way to measure your flour.

4. Measuring Cups work too.



1. An Oven Thermometer is essential for knowing if your oven is running true to temperature. Most ovens don’t, so it’s important to know that.

2. The Bench/Pastry Scraper is used to help shape a loaf from our wet dough, help keep pizza dough from sticking from the counter and is great for cleaning off your pizza stone.

3. Pizza Peel is used for transferring your breads and pizzas onto the baking stone with ease. There are several styles to choose from:

Wood Pizza Peel

Composite Pizza Peel

Metal Pizza Peel

4. Baking Stones create a consistent heat that transfers to the loaf and helps create a nicer crust and better rise. There are several to choose from:

Rectangular Pizza Stone (better for baguettes, multiple loaves and larger loaves)

Round Glazed Pizza Stone (these are great for the grill)

Rectangular Glazed Baking Stone

Baking Steel

Cast Iron Pizza Pan

Heavy Aluminum Baking Sheet (The cheapest option, but doesn’t retain or conduct heat as well as the others)



1.The Bread Cloche creates a wonderful crust without using a stone or having to add steam to the oven.

2. The Dutch Oven also creates a wonderful crust without using a stone or having to add steam to the oven.

3. Brioche Mold create the classic fluted French loaf. Get the 6-inch mold for a typical brioche size (1 1 /2 pounds of dough), or the 8-inch mold for 2 pounds of dough.

4. Baguette Pan help create the perfect shaped loaf and allows you to easily bake more than one loaf at a time. It is important to use parchment with these pans with our dough.

5. Silicone Mat is a great non-stick alternative for lining baking sheets


1. Loaf Pans make great sandwich loaves. We recommend:

Non-stick Metal Loaf Pan

Ceramic Loaf Pan

2. Crock Pot/Slow Cooker bread is a great alternative to using the oven in the summer or at holidays.

3. Banneton Proofing Basket are a fun way to add style to your bread

4. Pullman Loaf Pan with Cover is used for a perfectly square slice of bread

More helpful equipment:


Kitchen Shears make getting the dough out of the bucket easier and they are great for snipping the Epi loaf.

Pizza Wheel and Cutter are used for pizza, obviously, but they are also helpful when cutting bread sticks and are used for making braided loaves.

If you have the skills to use a baker’s lame for slashing or scoring designs in your bread, here’s a good one in Black Walnut, or in Plastic. If you find these cumbersome, you can use a…

Bread Knife is an essential tool for slashing your dough and cutting your bread.


Pastry Brush a great tool for brushing egg wash or water on your loaves before baking

Rolling Pins:

French Rolling Pin

American Rolling Pin

Note: is reader supported. When you buy through links on the site, BreadIn5 LLC earns commissions.