7 thoughts to “Easter Recipe Round-Up!”

      1. Hi! I’ve been baking from The New ABi5 for two years and have delightful successes with any recipe… as long as they’re in a Dutch oven or some kind of pan, like a loaf pan or springform. As soon as I try to bake a loaf of any type on the stone it goes really, really flat. Just spreads out in the oven rather than getting any oven spring. It’s so frustrating when the same recipes – master, brioche, peasant – in a pan rise beautifully! What do I need to do to make a simple oval or braided loaf?

      2. First question, what brand of flour are you using, and where are you located? The second part of that question is related to altitude. Finally, how are you measuring your flour, by weight or by volume? It sounds like your dough is probably too wet if it’s not related to altitude or low protein flour

  1. Thank you for your answer! I only use King Arthur for all-purpose and whole wheat flour, and Bob’s Red Mill for rye, semolina, etc. And I live nearly at sea level and measure by weight. So I’m going to try adding less of the “extra” water needed for KA flour to get a bit of a drier dough!

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