Fougasse, stuffed or plain: New how-to video

Thanks for being patient with my roasted red pepper obsession.  Above, dropping the scorched peppers into a bowl to steam (see last week’s post on roasting your own peppers).  But now the embarrassing part:  I shot the video on a different day from pepper-roasting time, so I stuffed the fougasse with with tomato and cheese.  So it’s really fougasse in the pizza margherita style.  But you get the picture, or at least, the video:

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21 thoughts on “Fougasse, stuffed or plain: New how-to video

  1. I have a general question – I have your first book and love being able to make various kinds of bread from one batch of dough. I would like to make hamburger/sandwich rolls, but the recipes all create a hard crust which is wonderful for artisan bread but not good for a sandwich. How can I adjust the recipes for a softer crust? Do I eliminate the water in the oven? Do I eliminate the cornstarch wash? Thanks for your help and for your wonderful book!

  2. I am new to bread in 5. I am really enjoying all the videos, website info, recipes, etc. I bought the Healthy bread. I am trying to eat less processed food. Bread is one of the worst offenders. The ingredient list seems never ending.

    I am on my 3rd kind of dough. I did whole wheat, rye, and a 7 grain. We cannot use Bob’s due to peanut allergies. So I used Arrowhead Mills brand.

    My dough pulls right off. It is not as stretchy like yours in your video. I don’t need to cut it. What am I doing wrong?

    Do you have a crostini recipe in one of your other books?



    1. Angela: Don’t have a crostini recipe–

      Try a little more water in the next batch and see what you think. 1/8-cup? 1/4-cup if it doesn’t help. The flour change you’ve made may be the culprit but you can adjust for it.

  3. I love love love pug bread (pugliese). Used to buy it when I lived near a city. I wanted to make some. All the receipes online are very complicated!

    Do you have a receipe for a starter like a biga to make pugliese bread the AB5 way? It doesn’t have as hard a crust either.

    I got your books because we moved way to the mtns – no bakery near us. I bake a lot now. The AB5 way! We LOVE the pizza’s.

    1. Hi NC Baker,

      These are things are working on for an upcoming project. We will share as soon as we can, but it may be a while.

      Thanks! Zoë

  4. Two weeks ago I bought your first book and I made several batches of dough since then. I made bread and pizza. It really makes me happy. My son (he’s 18) who doesn’t like to eat bread doesn’t complain anymore, he loves it now! And I only like fresh bread. I try to convert people around me to give it a try. So, thank you very much for everything … your books, your videos (really good) and your sympathy !

  5. I laughed when I saw you in a suit coat (dark at that)
    because I make a big flour mess when I bake, but to me that is all part of the fun! So I guess I don’t try too hard or care too much about that. I think you
    cannot make good food with out some mess… all worth it. I love playing with the flour.
    Keep sending us recipes and videos!

  6. I love all your books keep them coming instead of tomatoes or pepers also add spinach with garlic and herbs with feta cheese thanks again for the videos and your books.

    1. Laura: Whole grain doughs work great with this, tell me which of our books you have and I’ll direct you to ones that work well…

      1. I have the healthy b5, which I LOVE. I have my first batch of challah dough rising now and a batch of rosemary flax dough ready in the fridge (which is my favorite for pizza). But I’m open to using whatever works best!

      2. Hi Laura,

        Either of these will work, but will produce a very different flavor. You will want to reduce the temperature if you try it with the challah, but it will be a very tasty loaf. It will not be as crisp as the other dough.

        Thanks, Zoë

  7. Finally made this after looking at the recipe and pictures in the book for over a year. It was fantastic!

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