The new edition of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day is now available

The new edition of the best-selling bread cookbook

So excited about this NEW version of the first book, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. So, what’s new? It’s nearly 150 pages longer, with lots of new recipes, techniques, and WAY more photos (40 gorgeous color and 100 black-and-white instructional shots). There are over 30 brand-new recipes and fun variations, including Crock Pot Bread, Pull-apart Rolls, Pretzel Buns, Stuffed French Toast, gluten-free breads, and lots more.

All the old favorites are still there, and thanks to your suggestions, there are weight measures added to all the dough recipes in the book, both U.S. (pounds/ounces) and metric (grams). The Tips and Techniques section’s expanded, and includes instructions for adjusting salt and yeast to your taste.

As always, you’re pre-mixing dough that can be stored in your refrigerator for up to two weeks, so active time is still only five minutes a day. There’ll be much more to talk about in October when the book hits the stores, but we just had to give you a sneak peek at the beautiful new cover.

Two years in the making, this sixth-anniversary edition of the first book–The New Artisan Bread In Five Minutes a Day–is available from online sellers. Thanks for all the feedback you’ve given here on the website–it’s shaped the new book. Cheers!

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57 thoughts on “The new edition of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day is now available

  1. Has it really been that long? Wow. Your books have made the crucial difference for me making baking bread a regular part of life. Many thanks

  2. So when do I get my pre-release copy for review? Congrats on keeping the movement alive and I hope to see more inovations in the near future.

    1. Patricia: We have versions in Chinese, and another coming out in Japanese next year, but we can’t seem to interest anyone in a European language. We’d do it in a heartbeat!

      1. Surely Spanish would be a goer? Especially with the South-American market. There’s a revived interest in good bread in Spain, with lots of very expensive boutique bakeries opening in cities like Barcelona and Madrid. Among my friends, lots are turning away from their bread machines and starting to make ‘real’ bread, if only at the weekend or for dinner parties.

      2. Hi,

        I have been making bread every day for the past year. My family back home in Colombia is looking forward to the Spanish version. I would love to give this as a present to everyone in my family so you have a customer for at least 10 copies in Spanish 🙂

      3. Hi Paula,

        Thank you for the lovely note and for spreading the word about the book to your family!

        Cheers and enjoy the bread! Zoë

  3. Great, I look forward to giving this as a standard gift. But for myself, if I have the original book as well as Healthy Breads and Pizza/Flatbreads, do you think there is enough new in here to warrant buying the new edition? If so, what would be the biggest gains? Thanks!

    1. Penny: even if you have the first two books, the big pluses are
      1. Weight equivalents for all doughs– much quicker than cup-measures (but you need a scale, like
      2. 30 new recipes, including bread you can make in the crock pot
      3. A gluten-free chapter
      4. More pictures– many!
      5. Instructions for decrease the yeast or the salt if you like.

      1. Wait a sec, you have Crock Pot bread recipes?? Oh boy, that’s probably gonna be my downfall in buying the new version of your book, LOL. (Also, will this new book have any bread machine recipes? Or am I kind of screwed on that one? I’d love to make bread machine mixes from scratch using the 5 minutes a day method…)

      2. Hi BJ,

        Thanks for the note, glad you’re excited for the new book! It will be available for most, if not all, e-readers as well. We’ve never tried our dough in a bread machine. The idea of mixing a large batch and storing it, may not fit with the machine, since you have to gather the ingredients for each loaf. I don’t think you can just throw dough into it?

        Cheers, Zoë

  4. Wow, didn’t know that was coming. Congratulations! I have your original ABin5 book as an e-book so will definitely consider getting this one as a print book. Buttermilk Bread is the family favorite from your first book; makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches ever! Also still loving your pizza book.

    1. Thank you Cindy,

      You’ll be happy to know the Buttermilk Bread is still there, plus lots more! 🙂

      Cheers, Zoë

      1. Excellent! I pre-ordered it this morning. When it arrives in my mailbox this fall, it’ll be like a very early holiday surprise gift.

        I love your books. I never had consistently good bread-making results with the “traditional” methods, which made it hard to keep trying. The ABin5 method gave me good results right away, and your pizza in 5 basic crust means homemade pizza is my kids’ favorite!

  5. Great! I’ve been wondering what the new book would be. Just curious: will there be any new whole grain recipes in the revised edition?

    1. Hi Ingrid,

      We did add whole grain variations, but the best book for lots of whole grains is still Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day.

      Thanks, Zoë

  6. I just started my first batch of your Bread! (From “Healthy bread in 5 minutes a Day”) I am wondering if you have ever researched anything about “soaking” grains helping digest the phytic acid found in most grains. I have Sally Fallon’s book: “Nourishing Traditions” that speaks about it, and Ramiel Nagel’s book: “Cure tooth Decay”. I am excited about this way of making bread for that sole purpose; but I haven’t seen anything in your book that speaks about that (yet). Maybe this new book has something about it?? Thanks so much!!

    1. Neva: I’m skeptical of health claims around “soaking” and phytic acid, but several people who do it have suggested that our long-stored dough qualifies as “soaked.” If you need to soak and pour off liquid, well ours doesn’t qualify. But if it’s just a matter of letting the grain soak with liquid before you use it, it might.

    1. Hi Laurie,

      Thank you so much! We are so excited and baking by weights is really so much easier if you have the scale.

      Cheers, Zoë

  7. And I thought your next book would be artisan pasta in 5 min a day! Congratulations!

    Do you guys have a Cuban bread recipe? I don’t see one In the original ABin5. I’ve done some experiments, adding sugar and shortening to the master recipe. inget sort of lose, but mo (cuban) cigar lol. I’m nust not sure about proportions, etc, and would prefer not to reinvent the wheel if you’ve already done the legwork :).

    My standard is the bread from la segunda bakery in ybor city, fl. They supply the Cuban bread for the Columbia restaurants.

    Thanks for making baking easy!

    1. Hi Jason,

      We haven’t done the kind of Cuban loaf you are referring to, but it is a great idea, we will have to figure that out. Thanks, for the idea!

      Cheers, Zoë

  8. Congratulations on the new version of your first book! I also have the first version as a Kindle book, but I will more than likely get this as a physical book as well as an ebook if any ebook versions become available (especially iBooks, now that there’ll be a lot of Mac people like myself that will be able to read iBooks more easily come this fall).

    I’m quite excited because I know I’ll be going through those new recipes and the gluten-free section with some major gusto. Can’t wait!

  9. I was rally hoping to buy your existing and new books on kindle or pdf. Please please please consider doing that. Your book will go viral

    1. Hi Aisha,

      Once the book is out in October, there will be e-books available. Thank you so much for the note!


      1. I will definitely keep my fingers crossed-just finished a novel and learned about Korovai- a Russian wedding bread -the decorations were amazing -have preordered the new book! The old neighborhood misses you!!

      2. Thanks Claudia,

        I’ll have to look into Korovai, sounds wonderful! So many breads out there to explore.

        Say hi to the family for me!!!

        Cheers, Zoë

  10. Hello from Melbourne Australia. I’m trying the whole grain bread recipe on page 79 of Healthy Bread in Five Minutes A Day, using spelt flour but not adding gluten as I am intolerant to it. I halved the recipe but think I have aded too much water, as the dough is very wet and I cannot cut it or shape it. Can I add more flour to rescue this batch or do I have to toss it and start again? When halving the recipe what quantity of water should I have added? many thanks Victoria

    1. Hi Victoria,

      If you are making the dough without the vital wheat gluten, you will have to add more flour to make up for the lack of structure it provides the dough. The gluten gives the dough structure and stretch, and it also absorbs a lot of water. You may need to add a 1/4 cup more flour to your half batch of dough to absorb the excess water. After you add the extra spelt, you will need to let the dough sit for about an hour or two before using.

      Thanks, Zoë

    1. Hi Sylvia,

      The first book is terrific, but there are some things we’ve learned over the years that we wanted to put in, plus we always wanted lots more pictures. Perhaps there is someone you’d like to gift the first one to!?

      Thanks! Zoë

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for asking, it is a great question, but I don’t have an answer for you yet. I will ask our publisher and get back to you as soon as I find out.

      Cheers, Zoë

      1. My guess would be that the main reasons one pre-orders printed books is that the number printed is finite and perhaps they might run out and to receive it on a set date. eBooks have an infinite number available and you get them as soon as you order – no real reason to pre-order.

  11. Greeting from Taiwan! I bought the Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day in Chinese version and I LOVE and ENJOY the baking so much! Originally I am bout to order Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day and read this surprising news. Will you have Chinese version for this new edition at the same publishing time? Looking forward to the book coming!

    1. Hi Louise,

      Thank you so much for the note. At this time there are no plans for a Chinese edition of the new book, but we will keep you posted if that changes.

      Cheers, Zoë

  12. Cool! Looking forward to the new book to add to my collection of your other books! 🙂
    Question: Lately, my remaining pizza dough has been taking on a grayish color on the surface as it sits in the frig between uses. I’ve never gone beyond the two weeks in using it up, so it’s not a time-sensitive issue, I don’t think. And it only started happening several weeks ago. I’m using the Glad brand reusable container I’ve always used and the same ingredients, so I’m stumped as to what is causing the issue. Am I just uneducated in how to spot the “sourdough” effect and that is what this is? We did eat it a couple of times with it looking like this, and we did not get sick and it didn’t really affect the taste.
    Should I toss the remaining amount? Use a different type of container? Thoughts?
    Thank you,

  13. Congratulations, and yum, cannot wait! Can you please tell me if your gluten-free recipes contain xanthan or guar gums? Thanks!

  14. I have been baking artisan bread for years, the hand kneaded way. I posted on my Facebook page that I was thinking of buying a bread machine and a friend told me to get your book instead. I was sceptical. I found two recipes online in blogs. The olive oil flatbread, and the 100% wholewheat. I have reused these recipes countless times in the past few weeks. I love the convenience of your brilliant method. Everyone yhst i gifted the breads i made loved them. Storing a large tub of dough and taking out just enough for some fresh bread is the killer idea. Built in portion control, plus fresh bread every time. I have made so many varieties of shapes and bread by adding different herbs, fruits, nuts using just these two recipes. My favourite is the 100% wholewheat. I am vegan and I use coconut milk instead if dairy. The flavour and texture is awesome! My only problem with it was the one hour and forty minute rest before baking meant I could not bake in the morning before heading to work. Your website is so warm and helpful. I just saw the refrigerator rise technique. I will make my roll for lunch tomorrow using this technique. I have never seen authors who are so helpful to their audience. You fully deserve your success. I will buy your new edition when it makes it to a kindle version. I also plan to get the healthy bread kindle version.

  15. I have the buttermilk bread from the original book rising in the kitchen. I’m looking forward to some cinnamon raisin bread this week! Love that recipe. Pre-ordering the book today!

  16. I just placed my pre-order for The New Artisan Bread in 5. I have all your other books and we use them frequently. As a mother of 11 this saves me time and my middle guys can make the dough themselves. I think with the weights in all the recipes it will make it just a little easier to get more consistent results. Thanks!! My old copy is going to a friend who has never made your bread.

    1. Hi Heather,

      Thank you for the lovely note. I am thrilled that you and your family are baking together.

      Cheers, Zoë

  17. Even after reading the comments and the book (older editions) I am unsure if I can prepare the dough in a bread machine and then store the dough in the fridge and shape it by hand to bake in the oven. Or if the timing of the dough cycle (90 min start to finish) interferes with stages of the process as described when doing it by hand.


    1. No, that should work just fine. Just don’t bake it. And use our dough formulas or you won’t have wet dough, which would mean it’s not store-able.

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