Book Tour for The New Artisan Bread in Five in Five Minutes a Day!

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The New Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day is available today, and we started our book tour today, in Minneapolis on KARE-11 TV (NBC). Our first TV segment ever was in the same studio, six years ago. Thanks, KARE-11, and thanks Minneapolis-St. Paul–everything we’ve done with these books started right here. More TV this week here at home, with a class at Cooks of Crocus Hill Wednesday evening. Check our events page for more.

16 thoughts to “Book Tour for The New Artisan Bread in Five in Five Minutes a Day!”

  1. I am so excited because I got my notice from Amazon that my copy of your new, updated version of the book has shipped! I borrowed a copy of the original book published in 2007 from the library, and have been waiting anxiously to get my own after returning the library copy some time ago! So thanks so much for updating the book.

    I use the same food-grade containers to store the dough, in 6-quart sizes. I have two of them, and sometimes I would forget what dough recipe was in the containers, or get them mixed up. Bagel dough? Master Boule or Brioche?

    Recently, I found labels I could stick to the outside of the containers that are dry-erase labels. I didn’t even know such a thing was made, but they are great! I have 2 six-quart containers and 2 two-quart containers, with dry-erase stickers on the fronts of all four. When I mix up the dough in them, I jot down what’s inside with a dry-erase marker. No more confusion! And when the container is emptied, I just wipe the dry-erase label clean and mix more dough before re-marking the label with the new contents.

    I use the two-quart containers to hold the dough when the amount gets small enough, and that frees up the larger containers to hold another, different kind of dough. It gives me lots of variety, and doesn’t tie up the big container with a small amount of dough that’s left after baking several loaves.

    I ordered the containers and the dry-erase labels all from Amazon, but they might be available at an office supply, too. I thought I’d share the idea in case anyone else has trouble confusing themselves over what dough is in what container! Hope the idea is helpful … and thanks again for making bread, pizza and sweet baking fun and easy with your great books!

    1. Hi Lynn,

      Thank you so much for baking the bread, we’re thrilled you’re enjoying it! I love the dry-erase labels, since my sticky notes always pop off!

      Thanks, Zoë

      1. Oh wow – does that mean you already use dry-erase labels too? Great minds think alike and all those good things? And here I thought I was being original. I guess anything sensible will always find itself used, right?

  2. Just got my copy of the new book! Really excited. I see a new version of the yummy oatmeal bread to try soon. Also I think that’s my cast iron pizza pan on page 22 😉

  3. I have all your books and just got my copy of the new book today! I sent my brother a copy of your book along with a danish dough whisk and bucket for his birthday and he just loves making bread for himself and his wife. You have given me confidence in bread baking and my family loves the results when they come for Friday night dinner. I even have my son making bread now! Thank you!

  4. Great book once again- photos are fantastic- think about enlarging and framing- I’d love a whole wall full of those – perhaps another enterprise??!!!!!

    1. Hi Lori,

      Unfortunately, this tour is very brief and the closest we will get is Portland. If there is a local cooking school that might host a baking class, we’d LOVE to come to San Fran!

      Cheers and thanks! Zoë

  5. I have a question. I using the new artisan bread in 5 book. I follow the directions. The mixing is hard with Danish dough hook. My dough doesn’t seem to be wet enough. I use 3 cups water. 61/2 cups flour. It raises ok, to 4 Quarts after two hours. I refrigerated over night. But, my concern is when I take the dough out of the container it just breaks off easy. No scissors or knife needed. What I’m I doing wrong?

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