New Video: Grilled pizza!

I promised a video to go with last month’s recipe for this fantastic mushroom and potato pizza from Provence (Rustic Wild Mushroom and Potato Pizza), a recipe from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.  I did it outside, on the grill with a stone, so here it is.  A few things:

  1. Grill temp: Though some of the stones say to crank the gas grill as high as it can go, we’ve found that pizza done this way scorches on the bottom before the toppings are hot.  I used about 500 degrees F by by grill’s thermometer (250 C).  Today I used the Emile Henry Flame Top Pizza Stone, which worked beautifully (give it a 20 to 30 minute pre-heat)
  2. Baking without a stone: That works too; follow the directions here if you want to go for a crisper, smokier effect.  We’ll have much more on that in our upcoming pizza book (pre-order on Amazon).

13 thoughts to “New Video: Grilled pizza!”

  1. I tried this the other day and I had some issues. Firstly, you have to start with a pristinely clean grill inside and out or you end up with a burning inferno. (don’t ask) Also, I think you might need a higher quality stone so that it doesn’t crack due to the intense heat, although really, you can still cook it on a cracked stone, it will just have an interesting ridge in it at the crack site!

    Definitely will try again though — as soon as I convince my hubby to scour out the grill base!

    1. Penny: this particular brand– the Emile Henry– is making the claim that the product can stand up to grill heat. Jeff

  2. Jeff–

    I will definitely look into the Emile Henry, especially if this summer continues to be a scorcher! We use the master recipe for the dough and it works so well, tastes wonderful! I’ve never gone back to my other pizza dough recipe, since I used this one. Hard to improve on perfection. 🙂

  3. I have the Emile Henry and use it regularly on a super hot grill or oven, with the recomended pre heating. have never had an issue with it cracking and as the article suggests, it is super easy to scrape/clean all the baked on stuff, and still put in the washing machine when you are done. fantastic product, a must if you make pizza on a regular basis!

  4. Just spent a Christmas gift card to buy a Emile Henry stone and looking forward to using it on the grill.
    Thanks for the demo!

  5. Thank you for the great video. I love your books, and I definitely want to try grilled pizza soon. We don’t have a grill-safe pizza stone, and I’m just wondering…If you bake the dough blind before topping, how do you keep it from falling through (or sticking to) the grill grates before it’s cooked? Due to concerns about that, I’m thinking about using the grill pan that we use for veggies. It’s round and has small holes. Do you have any advice on that idea? Thanks again. Your new book is on my wish list now. 🙂

    1. Believe it or not, it doesn’t. Assume grates are in good condition, but if the dough round is well-floured, it’s not a problem. Try it as a pita bread first as you get to know your grill. More directions are in the 2nd book, but even more in the 3rd when it’s out. Jeff

  6. Thank you so much for the speedy response, Jeff. I’m going to give the pita bread on the grill a try first, like you suggested. I love the idea that we can still have fresh, home-baked bread without heating up our house, especially with the heat here in the Midwest this past week. Thank you!

  7. Quick update on our grilled pizza…It turned out great! I’ve done it twice now with great success, even rolling out the dough to make it super thin and crisp. I didn’t need a pizza stone, just put the dough straight on the grill, browned one side, flipped it and added the toppings, and then cooked the other side until the cheese was bubbly and hot. I pre-cooked the toppings (except the cheese) in a saute pan so that the bottom of the pizza wouldn’t get too dark before it was done and ready to eat. Thank you again! We’ve decided that grilled pizza will be our standard, even when the outdoor temps are cool enough again to use the oven.

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