Brötchen! GF book is released in Germany: “Glutenfreies Funf-Minuten-Brot”

Gluten-Free Bread in Five Minutes a day was first published in the US (in English, of course), and now in Germany (in German of course), where it was published this Spring by Unimedica. “Glutenfreies Funf-Minuten-Brot” is available all over Germany, on AmazonDE, and even in the US.

Here are some Brötchen (German for “little bread”), based on an egg-white enriched dough which creates an incredible crust and crumb. This is BreadIn5’s first post with instructions for baking with wheat OR gluten-free flour! The egg-white especially lightens up the gluten-free version. Note: these pictures are of the wheat-based brotchen.

Brötchen (makes about 10 or 11)

2 pounds Master Wheat Recipe Egg-White Enriched (see below) or Gluten-Free Master Recipe Egg-White Enriched using the Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour Mix

Preheat the oven to 450F, with an empty metal broiler tray on any shelf that won’t interfere with the rising brötchen.

Cut off 3-ounce (peach-size) pieces of Egg White-Enriched Dough (see below) and quickly shape into balls, then pinch to form an oval shape. Allow to rest, 2 inches apart, on a baking sheet prepared with oil, butter, parchment paper, or a silicone mat for 20 minutes.

Brush the tops with egg white and cut a single lengthwise slash into the top of each roll, using a serrated knife.

Place the baking sheet in the oven, pour 1 cup of hot water into the broiler tray, and quickly close the oven door. Bake the rolls for about 25 minutes, or until richly browned. Serve slightly warm.

Egg-White Enriched Wheat Dough: Put 3 egg whites into the bottom of a measuring cup, then add water to bring the total volume to 3 cups of liquid in the Master Recipe (or on page 53 in New Artisan). All other ingredients and measurements are the same. Refrigerate for up to 5 days before freezing in 1-pound portions. This dough is great for brotchen, but you can use it for other rolls or bread as well. The egg-white variation for the gluten-free dough is at the
Gluten-Free Master Recipe.

Need help with your Gluten-Free Dough? Here’s a video to show you what it should look like!

You can also bake the Brötchen as a boule, if you want!

8 thoughts to “Brötchen! GF book is released in Germany: “Glutenfreies Funf-Minuten-Brot””

  1. Not necessarily related to you book, which I own :). Can the all purpose gluten free flour mix (#1) be used for other types of gluten free baked items like brownies, waffles, etc? Or should I buy a commercially prepared gluten free flour product?

    1. my strong guess is that it’s going to work. That’s said, we haven’t really experimented with that so you’ll have to do this with a sense of adventure.

  2. Hey! I own all your books and enjoy baking as a hobby to bless family and friends. Question! Do you have a recipe for Cuban Bread (got to be made with lard) kickin’ around? There is not one in the books that I can find. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    1. Hi Weston,

      Thank you so much, I am glad you are enjoying the bread!

      We don’t have a Cuban bread, but it is a great idea for a new post!

      Cheers, Zoë

  3. Hello,

    Is this not perhaps available in ebook form, for us who live in Namibia and cannot order on amazon?

    I only want this for the brotchen, I grew up with brotchens and haven’t had one in 4 years… the recipes I have tried were like rocks…

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