7 thoughts to “In Mother Earth News, Feb/March 2012: “You Want This Book…””

  1. This is about your article in the most recent Mother Earth News (#250). You did not include the temperature at which to bake the pizza. I only see to preheat the baking stone at the highest temp.

    1. Hi Marni,

      Most home ovens go up to 500 or 550°F, so that is what you should preheat the oven to. The higher the temperature the better the crust will be.

      Thanks and enjoy the pizza, Zoë

  2. Hi Zoe and Jeff, I tried two new things with your great recipes: 1) I’ve startedadding a few drops of Wright’s Hickory Flavored Liquid Smoke (concentrated and all natural) to each cup of hot water to create a smoky steam perhaps reminiscent of a wood-fired oven. The house certainly smells great! And 2) on another recipe, I added a poach egg on top of the Bialys I baked this morning. My husband loves my new passion for cooking! I hope you like these ideas.
    Vicki in California

    1. Hi Vicki,

      What a fantastic ideas! Thanks for sharing, I’m making bialys with eggs for breakfast, sounds great!

      Cheers, Zoë

  3. Hi~this is a bit late, but I had two questions. I made this recipe back when I first read the article and the pizzas were fantastic! But, the cornmeal I used under the pizzas on the peel burned in the oven causing it to smoke-why? I didn’t use more than I usually do. And I have some leftover 00 flour, would it be okay to substitute whatever I have in for some of the all purpose flour? Thanks so much! Love this recipe!!!

    1. Kathy: It’s the hotter oven (for pizza as opposed to bread). Switch to flour rather than cornmeal, and work quick so it doesn’t stick. Much more in our Pizza book: https://amzn.to/eo10NJ Also our FAQs here one the site (though they’re not mostly on pizza).

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